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隨著社群媒體的普及使用,已成為企業招募人才的重要來源。其中以LinkedIn職場專業人士組成的社群平台最受關注;一方面,LinkedIn使用者透過社群平台可與自身熟識或過去有相同資歷之親朋好友增建聯繫管道及拓展人脈,間接可獲知親朋好友的職涯狀況。另一方面,員工於LinkedIn公開自身任職企業,員工具有企業形象代言人的性質存在。 據此,本研究根據人際吸引力理論和代言人效應,探討LinkedIn社群平台人脈關係連結與企業組織人才吸引力之相關性與調節效果。本研究透過立意取樣,選擇三家在LinkedIn有設立公司網頁之石化企業,並搜尋在組織樣本企業有人脈關係連結之石化業在職同仁進行問卷調查。經相關分析及階層式迴歸分析發現,在LinkedIn的個人資訊與自我呈現對網路社群人脈的吸引力,其在LinkedIn公開任職企業對網路社群人脈的組織吸引力有顯著的正相關,但LinkedIn社群人脈對該員的可信度愈佳,反而會降低人際吸引力對組織吸引力相關性的強度,特別是相對年輕且高學歷的族群。研究結論以供企業參考招募管道運用LinkedIn社群媒體,並推廣鼓勵企業員工建立LinkedIn帳號,以分享有價值的內容,並有效地運用LinkedIn建立雇主品牌。
Social networking sites (SNSs) have become critical talent-recruitment sources for organizations. In this regard, LinkedIn, which comprises a net-work of business professionals, has attracted the most attention among the SNSs. LinkedIn users can connect with individuals with whom they are fa-miliar or share similar work experiences or backgrounds to create communi-cation channels or expand networks. LinkedIn users can also indirectly learn about the career opportunities of their friends and family on the platform. Additionally, when individuals publicly list themselves as employees of a certain employer on LinkedIn, they endorse the organizations’ image. On the basis of interpersonal attraction theory and endorser’s effect, this study analyzed the correlations and regulatory effects between interpersonal connections and talent attraction of enterprises on LinkedIn. Through pur-posive sampling, three petrochemical companies that had published company pages on LinkedIn were selected. A questionnaire survey was administered to sample-company employees who had connected with their companies’ pages on LinkedIn. Correlation analysis and hierarchical regression analysis revealed that employees’ public publication of the company at which they worked on LinkedIn was significantly positively correlated with organiza-tional attractiveness in online community connection. However, if the same individual exhibited strong credibility in their LinkedIn community connec-tions, the degree of correlation between interpersonal attraction and organi-zational attractiveness was lower, especially among people who were rela-tively young and highly educated. The results of this study may serve as a reference for organizations using LinkedIn for recruitment. In addition, em-ployees should be encouraged to create LinkedIn accounts to share valuable professional information and to endorse their employer’s brand.



LinkedIn, 人際吸引力, 代言人可信度, 組織人才吸引力, LinkedIn, interpersonal attraction, endorser credibility, organizational attractiveness