IB DP語言B普通課程之飲食文化課程設計

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IBDP 是指 IB Diploma Programme, 國際文憑大學預科項目。它的培養目標是讓學生們能夠成功地準備高等教育以及其後的學習。它鼓勵學生成長為積極進取又富有同情心的終身學習者。因此教師有著重要的角色,不僅僅是知識內容的傳授者,而是文化的形象大使,具有傳播中華文化的重要力量。DP的教學與學習方法特別重視全球參與性,多語能力和跨文化理解。 中國人有著民以食為天的信念,因此飲食文化佔有很重要的地位,建立了大量的飲食文化語言知識,反映了中國特有的民族風俗習慣。語言是個最基本又重要的角色,它承擔了相當重要的交際功能,同時也是跨文化傳播的工具和主要行為。由於現代科技的快速發展,跨文化交際,已成為一種趨勢,學習者必須展現出語言能力和多元文化理解,以便培養跨文化的交際能力。 本研究主要以 IB理論為基礎,發展出IB DP 語言 B 普通課程的飲食文化教學設計,採用逆向式教學方式並運用IBDP體制的ATL學習方式,期望透過本研究能提供給海外華語教師教學及未來相關研究者之參考,以提高多文化背景下的教學成效、激發學習者的學習動機,並且培養具有國際情懷的人,進而達到國際文憑教育項目的目標。
IBDP refers to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The goal is to prepare internationally minded global citizens who are higher level thinkers with a shared guardianship of the planet). It encourages students to grow into proactive and empathic lifelong learners. Therefore, teachers have an important role, not just the imparter of knowledge content but as the image ambassador of Chinese culture,the important force to spread Chinese culture IB’s teaching and learning methods place special emphasis on global participation, multilingual capabilities and cross-cultural understanding. The Chinese people have the belief that the people regard food as their heaven. Therefore, the catering culture occupies an important position. A great deal of catering culture and language knowledge has been established, which reflects China's unique national customs and habits. Language is the most basic and important role. It assumes a very important communication function, and it is also the tool and the main behavior of cross-cultural communication. Due to the rapid development of modern science and technology, cross-cultural communication has become a trend. Learners must demonstrate linguistic competence and multicultural understanding in order to develop cross-cultural communication skills This study is based on IB theory and it uses the ATL learning method of the IBDP system and backward teaching curriculum design to develop Chinese food culture unit plan. It hopes that this study can provide a new teaching perspective for overseas Chinese teachers, improve teaching effectiveness in a multicultural context and cultivate people with international sentiments to achieve the goals of the IB education program.



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