Streaming videos in peer assessment to support training pre-service teachers

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Wu, Cheng-Chih
Kao, Hue-Ching

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International Forum of Educational Technology and Society


A web-based peer assessment system using video streaming technology was implemented to support the training of pre-service teachers. The peer assessment process was synchronized with viewing of peer teaching videos so that comments could be linked to the relevant position on the video. When one viewed a comment, the associated video segment could then be played, which allowed pre-service teachers to understand more precisely the nature of a reviewer’s comment. Thirty-six pre-service computer teachers, who were enrolled in a teaching practicum course, participated in the study. Five rounds of peer assessment were conducted during pre-service teachers’ micro- and field-teaching sessions. The findings showed that pre-service teachers were satisfied with the peer assessment activities and perceived the streaming video as a useful feature. The video streaming feature also played an important role during pre-service teachers’ web-based dialogues, but was not as significant in terms of how they commented on or replied to peers. We provide some suggestions for improved use of this technique in the conclusion of our paper.