The current study was conducted to explore the following two issues: first, whether there is a relationship between the time spent on a defense mode and the final result, and second, in the finals of the HBL women’s division A games, whether the elapsed game time and the score difference would influence a coach’s decision on the defense strategy. The first issue was examined using the descriptive statistics and the 2-way ANOVA on the time spent on different defense modes to test the possible relation between the defense modes and game results, and the second issue, was analyzed with the descriptive statistics of the frequency of the mode–shift in defense within a two-minute observation interval in each period. In addition, the dynamics of the score difference was also observed to examine the possible influence on the coach’s decisions on the defense strategy. The results showed that in the division A of senior high school girl’s basketball games, the defense modes employed bear no relationship to the victory or defeat of the games, whereas coaches of the division A of senior high school girl’s basketball teams apply more frequently the man-to-man defense strategy. Furthermore, the frequency of the defense-shift generally increased as the game time elapsed. Generally speaking, teams equipped with relatively inferior combat strength will apply more frequently such a defense-shift strategy as early as in the second period, while relatively superior teams, having well-matched power with competing teams, won’t apply such a strategy until the fourth period. Toward the end of the games, the teams used the defense-shift tactics more frequently. From the results of the games, we also found that the frequency of defense-shift bears little relationship to the victory or defeat of the competition. The elapsed game time might be a factor that influence a coach’s decision, but the dynamics of scoring differences also plays an important role in persuading a coach to decide on the application of the defense-shift strategy, with the threshold of increasing the lead or closing the trail being larger than increasing the trail or closing the lead.



籃球團隊防守方式, 高中女子籃球聯賽, 比分差距變化, Basketball defense mode, HBL women’s games, dynamics of scoring difference