The Effect of Psychological Ownership on Job Performance withModerator of Grit in Sport and Leisure Education Service Industryin Taiwan

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The healthcare was getting more conscious during the recent pandemic of Covid-19. In the sports services industry especially sport and leisure education services field, frontline employees' have become the main business input to drive the labor market and maximize the organization performance. Therefore, the strong sense of belonging is crucial for employees to survive this challenging work environment. From former research, the people with grit are able to overcome challenge and to sustain the momentum the job performance helpful for their careers to an organization. This study investigated the importance of psychological ownership of the frontline employees in the workplace that drive their work performance that separate into task and contextual performance. It also aimed to investigate the impact of grit as a moderator between the relationship on psychological ownership and job performance. After reviewing the literatures, an online questionnaire in Google Forms was developed and spread out to collect data from the frontline employees of the sports and leisure education segment of the sports services industry. A total of 268 valid data was collected, then statistic software of SPSS 23 version was used for data analysis. The result showed that higher psychological ownership within the employees gave better job performance. Implications from this study can apply to the HR practitioners in the relevant workplace, and future researchers.



none, grit, job performance, psychological ownership, task performance, contextual performance