LTE通訊系統中針對同層干擾環境對微小型基地台功率控制與用戶位置推薦演算法 Femtocell Power Control and User Location Recommendation Algorithm for Co-Tier Interference Environment in LTE Communication System

Shi, Guan-Fan
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在未來的長期演進技術(Long Term Evolution ,LTE)中,將會有一項至為關鍵的設備,也就是微小型基地台(Femtocell),微小型基地台不僅在佈建方面靈活,且體積相對於傳統的大型基地台(Macrocell)來的更小,此設備將能改善大型基地台的覆蓋不足,並且能提升整體的網路容量。 本論文將提出一種於LTE通訊系統中針對同層干擾(co-tier interference)環境對微小型基地台功率控制與用戶位置推薦演算法,希望能藉由此演算法減少鄰近微小型基地台對用戶的干擾,並且透過位置推薦讓用戶移動到訊號更好的位置,以改善網路整體的速率和保持用戶的服務品質。 而實驗模擬環境中將會有九個微小型基地台以及多位用戶的同層干擾環境來驗證本論文所提出的功率控制與位置推薦演算法,從實驗結果顯示微小型基地台的干擾與功率耗損會逐步降低,整體用戶的同層干擾將會減少,且用戶吞吐量會有顯著的提升。
In the future Long Term Evolution (LTE), there will be a essential device, namely the Femtocell. The Femtocell is not only flexible in terms of deployment, but also smaller in size than the traditional Macrocell. This device will improve the shortage of coverage of Macrocell and increase the overall network capacity. This paper will propose a Femtocell power control and user location recommendation algorithm for co-tier interference environment in LTE communication system. The algorithm reduces the interference of the neighboring Femtocell to the user, and allows the user to move to a better position through the location recommendation to improve the overall speed of the network and maintain the Quality of Service (QoS) of users. In the experimental simulation environment, there will be nine Femtocells and multiple users' co-tier interference environment to verify the power control and position recommendation algorithms proposed in this paper. The experimental results show that the interference and power consumption of the Femtocells will be gradually reduced, the co-tier interference of the overall user will be decreased, and the user throughput will be significantly improved.
長期演進技術, 同層干擾, 微小型基地台, 功率控制, 位置推薦, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Co-Tier Interference, Femtocell, Power Control, Location Recommendation