The Acqusition of American English Rhythm by Taiwanese EFL Learners 陳雪珠 zh_tw 2014-10-27T15:13:43Z 2014-10-27T15:13:43Z 2005-01-?? zh_TW
dc.description.abstract 華語之韻律節奏常被視為以音節時間為單位,而美式英語以重音時間為依據。本項研究主要以聲學角度探討台灣學生對美式英語韻律習得之狀況。六位高成就英語學習者,六位低成就英語學習者以及四位美籍人士錄製一篇診斷式文章。其中擷取四句不同句型之句子加以分析其音節和停頓時間。每個句子測量個別音節長度,經標準化過程,得到變異指數後,三組人員加以比較。結果顯示美式英語音節間的變異性大於台灣學生。此支持了先前之假設:台式英語受母語影響,較偏向音節時間之韻律。此外,美式英語較常出現弱化母音,而台灣學生較偏好使用全母音,因而造成韻律之差異。再者,話語停頓的頻率、時間以及座落的位置也加以檢視。結果指出台灣學生停頓的頻率、時間比美籍人士多,並在不適當語意結構的位置作停頓。大體而言,高成就英語學習者表現比低成就學生更接近美籍人士之韻律節奏。此顯示適當的音節及停頓長度是可學習的,低成就英語學習者受母語的影響較深,可能造成中式韻律化石化。最後,本研究提供可行有效之美式英語韻律節奏之教學建議。 zh_tw
dc.description.abstract This study investigates the contrasting rhythmic properties of English spoken by Taiwanese learners, which has been predicted as syllable-timed, and American English, which is usually assumed to be stress-timed. Six high-Ievel and six low-level Taiwanese learners of English and four native speakers of American English read an article and were tape-recorded. Four sentences were analyzed according to syllable and pause durations. Each stretch of continuous speech obtained from the recordings, the norma1ized duration of consecutive syllables was compared, to obtain a variabi1ity index. It was found that there was a significantly greater variabi1ity in this measure of syllable-to-syllable duration for American English, which supports previous indications that, by comparison, English spoken by Taiwanese learners maybe more syllable-timed than American Eng1ish. There was some evidence that the greater frequency ofreduced syllables with a schwa in American English contributed to the difference between the two varieties. Moreover, the frequency, duration, and location of pausing were investigated. Taiwanese learners showed more frequent and inappropriate pausing. The results for the high-level Taiwanese learners implied that syllable duration and appropriate pausing are learnable, and for the low-level group that fossilization of nonnative rhythm has been forming. Instruction is suggested in meaningful units or tone groups rather than with isolated segments or words, even for beginner-levels. Rhythmic patterns are presented as the basic realization of the tone groups. Suggestions are also given on how to integrate pronunciation practice into the listening-speaking activities of a communication course. en_US
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dc.title The Acqusition of American English Rhythm by Taiwanese EFL Learners zh-tw
dc.title.alternative 臺灣學生對美式英語韻律之習得 zh_tw