Bank 4.0後銀行從業人員能力落差之研究 Competency Disparity of Bank 4.0 Perceived By Employees

Lu, Yi-Wei
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本研究透過對現行銀行從業人員與Bank 4.0後所需能力落差之研究,期望能了解並有助於現行銀行從業人員在面對金融科技的來襲,目前自我不足或尚須提升之能力及銀行在未來教育訓練課程中能給予行員加強輔助方向。本研究採用問卷調查法,以SPSS19.0、AMOS 20.0統計套裝軟體進行資料分析。 依據研究結果整理歸納、分析討論,獲得結論如下: 一、Bank 4.0後現行銀行從業人員能力落差的認知,整體而言呈現中高程度。 二、Bank 4.0後現行銀行從業人員能力落差的認知,以「情意/價值能力」落差較大;以「管理能力構面」落差較小。 三、Bank 4.0後現行銀行從業人員能力落差在整體與各構面間皆有顯著高度正相關。 四、Bank 4.0後現行銀行從業人員能力落差的認知大部分有顯著差異,僅不同學歷背景變項沒有。 五、不同背景變項組合僅在「性別與年齡」背景變項的組合下與本研究之能力落差構面有交互影響作用。 最後,本研究依據研究結果,針對銀行機構、銀行從業人員、及未來研究者提供建議。
Based on the study of Competency Disparity of Bank 4.0 Perceived Employees, We expected to understand and help the employees know that the current lack of competency in the face of financial technology. And which direction of the bank education and training courses can be strengthen. The study applies the questionnaire research. The retrieved questionnaires were analyzed through the application of SPSS19.0 and AMOS 20.0 . The major findings are summarized as follows: 1.The Competency Disparity of Bank 4.0 Perceived Employees is medium-higher. 2. Among the dimensions of the Competency Disparity of Bank 4.0 Perceived Employees, “value systems” is the most significant factor and “Management ability” is less significant in terms of competency disparity. 3. The overall Competency Disparity of Bank 4.0 Perceived Employees correlates wth each other. 4. The backgrounds of Employees are almost have produced significant effect on every Competency. However, as for the educational background, there is no significant difference. 5. Combination of different backgrounds Only the combination of "gender" and "age" variables has the effect of interacting with the Competency of the study. At last, this study proffers suggestions to the Commercial Banks, Employees and those who are interested in the relevant study.
Bank 4.0, 銀行從業人員, 能力落差, Bank 4.0, Employees, Competency Disparity