School of Education-Historical Analysis and International Comparison

Yang, Shen-keng
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Department od Education, NTNU
All the man─created institutions based on rational idea are not, as Immanuel Kant(KantsWerke, Vol. VII, p. 21)assumes, merely a casual collection and arbitrary arrangement of accidental cases. Rather, they are founded on the basis of some rational plans. Therefore, the organization of university in view of its class and faculty is by no means by chance. The division of university organization, though caused by peculiar felt needs, subjects to, in Kantian terminology, the regulation of some a priori principles. Is there any rational principle regulating the process of institutionalizing the school of education as a faculty of university?What needs peculiar to the USA, the UK and Germany are the main impetus causing the development of the school of education(or college, department)of education in university in the respective country?What measures are taken by the school of education to cope with the challenges of recent educational reforms?In order to answer the above─mentioned questions historic─systematic method is used to compare the development of the school of education in USA, the UK and Germany.