dc.contributor.author 吳昌政 zh_tw
dc.contributor.author Chang-Cheng Wu en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2019-08-12T05:01:38Z
dc.date.available 2019-08-12T05:01:38Z
dc.date.issued 2018-03-??
dc.description.abstract 本文分享2017年暑假赴芬蘭觀摩PBL(Phenomenon-Based Learning)教學的課堂紀錄。希望透過旁觀者的角度,以歷時性的記述,勾勒出三天教學活動的輪廓與節奏,並且把握期間主要的教學內容、教學活動以及教學評量。以觀課的札記為基礎,本文歸結出PBL教學的六個關鍵詞,分別是:現象為本、解決問題、跨域統整、小組協作、數位工具以及教師作為學習的促進者。芬蘭實施PBL教學的背景與脈絡與臺灣的情況固然不同,然而,就其課程的架構、教學的進行與評量的實施諸方面觀之,頗值得十二年國教素養導向的教學參考與借鑑。教師或許可以針對實際的教學單元與對象,採取更多元的教學策略。 zh_tw
dc.description.abstract This essay shares the experience and observation of Phenomenon-Based Learning (PBL) in Finland in the summer of 2017. It chronologically delineates the three-day teaching activities from the perspective of an observer. The content of teaching, teaching activities and assessments constitute the focal point of the observation. Based on the observation in the Finnish classroom, this essay summaries six keywords of PEL teaching as follows: phenomenon-based, problem-solving, interdisciplinary integration, group collaboration, digital equipment, and teacher as a facilitator in learning. Admittedly, the background and context of PBL-Teaching in Finland differ from those in Taiwan. However, the curricular structure, the teaching process, the execution of assessment and other aspects can serve as a reference for the literacy-oriented instruction emphasized in Taiwan's 12-Year Basic Education Curriculum. Teacher may adopt a more pluralistic teaching strategy according to their own teaching plans and their students' needs. en_US
dc.identifier 94530542-B398-25B2-0442-6BA22D660B04
dc.identifier.uri http://rportal.lib.ntnu.edu.tw:80/handle/20.500.12235/81442
dc.language 中文
dc.publisher 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處 zh_tw
dc.publisher Office of Teacher Education and Career Service en_US
dc.relation 69(1),123-139
dc.relation.ispartof 中等教育 zh_tw
dc.subject.other PBL教學 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 芬蘭教育 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 素養導向的教學 zh_tw
dc.subject.other Phenomenon-Based Learning (PBL) instruction en_US
dc.subject.other Finnish education en_US
dc.subject.other literacyoriented instruction en_US
dc.title PBL教學的六個關鍵詞-芬蘭觀課札記與反思 zh-tw
dc.title.alternative Six Keywords of PBL Teaching: Notes and Self-reflection in the Finnish Classroom zh_tw
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