Competencies of Project Managers in the IT Software Service Industry: a Case Study of Company KL

With the idea of Globalization being highly valued and promoted, enterprises are facing more critical challenges in the international business environment. Companies are driven to reflect its previous performance and re-formulate suitable corporate strategies based on its existing strengths to seek for higher profits and sustainable development. The IT service industry has thus been emerged to respond such calling from the business world and to provide solution packages to assist other companies to manage their resources better. Project managers from the IT service providers, in this case, have significant influences on the project planning and the communications between the clients and the companies. This research aims to explore the competencies that foster the project managers to be the companies’ strategic partners. The researcher has conducted a case study on company KL, an IT Software Service Provider in Europe as a lens to examine the competencies of project managers in the IT Service Industry. Through the literature review and the primary data obtained in this research, it was found that the soft capabilities in the project managers are more important than the technical capabilities in constructing good project managements.
Cross-national Project Management, Competencies, IT Software Service Industry