~Devouring Love~以動態線條表達焦慮情緒之實驗動畫創作 Dynamic lines of the expression of anxiety in experimental animation

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摘要 創作者所用的手法皆來自於實驗動畫,並藉由數位工具之輔助自由運用實驗動畫之畫面技巧。除了在技術上以數位工具協助創作外,並且在創作過程中透過數位工具的方便性、跨媒材性,對個人的抽象筆跡及個人的生活素材進行紀錄。生活素材包括實拍、攝影及手繪紀錄等多種形式,然後以各種不同的風格進行拼貼、重組後在畫面中飛舞,並與抽象手繪線條互呼應。多變之風格可呈現處在忙碌生活中的多面性;而從扭曲糾纏到水平交錯的線條轉換,則可表達出創作者個人情緒從焦慮歸向平靜的過程。 在創作工具及方法上,創作者是透過數位工具紀錄個人的手繪線條來抒發情緒。一方面將個人不安的情緒表露出來,卻又冷靜理性地加以數位編輯後製,使畫面效果更加強烈。畫面中,手繪線條漫無目的地前進著又不斷相互堆疊,像是作者在輪迴重複的日常生活中情緒浮沈不定、焦慮不安,但不定與不安卻又是生活常態。為了強化生活日常的感受,創作者又從自身生活中粹取視覺元素,當季蔬果、浴室蓮蓬頭、親戚的小孩、學生的作品、廉價的雞蛋…等,並且以多樣的手法加以連接,如手繪動畫、停格動畫、剪貼動畫、動靜態攝影、數位濾鏡等不同視覺風格穿插交錯而成。 經過一段線條變換之後,畫面中出現裸體的五彩嬰兒躍入水中濺起一陣漣漪,此段落的線條表現有較為具體的形象,主要是表達男女之間的情感糾葛,由愛生恨無法自拔,或衝突或和解,情感交織交錯成了一張綁住所有人的網子。畫面中,網狀交雜的動態線條為男女情事作了總結,又回到抽象的線條表現,最後引出畫面是午後日光穿過林間的景象,取材自都市角落不知名的綠蔭,暗示創作者在紛擾之餘依然渴望著心靈的自由與平靜。
Abstract The practices of Creators used from experimental animation. Assisted by a number of tools are free to use pictures of the experimental animation techniques. In addition to technical assistance to a number of creative tools, the tool through the convenience of digital and cross-media and abstract of personal life and personal handwriting to record material. Material that contains real life pictures, photographs and records of various forms such as hand-painted. Changing collage styles, the expression of a busy life of the multi-faceted. Distortions to the level of struggle from the line interlaced conversion, expressed emotional creators go from calm anxiety process. Creators record hand-drawn lines to the individual to express feelings by digital tools. On the one hand, the personal sense of insecurity may show up, but be calm rational digital editing system, so the screen was more strongly. Screen, hand-painted lines aimlessly forward and keep the stack each other, like the author to repeat the daily life of reincarnation floating volatile mood, anxiety, uncertainty and anxiety but it is a normal life. In order to strengthen the feeling of day-to-day life, from the creators of life to extract its visual elements, seasonal fruits and vegetables, bathroom shower, relatives, children, students work, the cheap eggs ... and so on. A variety of means to be connected, such as hand-drawn animation, stop cell animation, cut-and-paste animation, static and dynamic photography, digital filter, such as different visual styles interspersed by staggered. After a line change, the screen appears naked baby into the colorful passing a ripple in the water, the lines of the performance of this paragraph is more specific image, is the emotional expression of disputes between men and women, from hate and love our students be able to extricate themselves, or conflict or reconciliation, cross-cutting has become an emotional tie up all the net. Screen, mesh mixed dynamic lines for men and women made a summary of violations, has returned to the performance of abstract lines, and finally leads to the screen is the afternoon sun through the forest scene, taken from an unknown corner of the city's shade, suggesting that the creators Apart from the troubles of the mind is still eager to freedom and calm.
動畫風格, 動畫線條, 實驗動畫, 拼貼手法