The Relationship between Work-related Stress Risk Factors and Workplace Well-Being with the Mediating Effects of Work-related Burnout: A Study of Preschool Educators for Early Childhood Education in Taiwan

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In recent years, education in Taiwan has made tremendous progress, and the importance of early education has gradually been recognized. In accordance with the “Early Childhood Education and Care Act” regulations, kindergarten teachers have served as not only class teachers but also kindergarten directors after the integration of kindergartens and nursery schools. In addition to conducting their original teaching courses, they also need to deal with the administrative tasks given by the school and the Bureau of Education at the same time. Since the workload tends to be excessive, the work-related stress and burnout pose a big threat to physically and mentally. It is critical that we pay attention to and be compassionate about the well-being of preschool educators who provide early care and education. Thus, the aim of this research is to examine relationship among preschool educators’ workplace well-being, work-related stress risk factors, and work-related burnout. This study applied the quantitative approach, 356 on-line and 24 paper questionnaires. Data analyzed was from the total of 380 preschool educators who work at public or private preschools in Taiwan. Then, the descriptive, correlation and linear regression analysis will be conducted using IBM SPSS Statistics 23 in this study. Results showed that the work-related stress risk factors management of preschool educators was significantly related to their workplace well-being. Work-related stress risk factors management are negatively related to work-related burnout. Work-related burnout is negatively related to workplace well-being. And work-related burnout has partially mediating effect on the relationship between work-related stress risk factors management and workplace well-being. Based on the results, researcher suggests that understanding the situation of preschool teachers, in terms of work stress and physical and mental health conditions, and propose solutions to this result to help preschool educators solve long-standing problems. And enhance their’ workplace well-being eventually.



work-related stress risk factors, workplace well-being, work-related burnout, work-related stress risk factors, workplace well-being, work-related burnout