T銀行激勵制度、職場友誼、社會資本與組織承諾對組織學習影響之研究 T Bank Motivation System, Workplace Friendship, Social Capital and Organizational Commitment on The Study of The Influence of Organizational Learning

CHEN, Min-Hsiung
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  全球金融危機拖累國內金融更讓台灣銀行業經營的困境更雪上加霜,在面對金融海嘯衝擊所造成的景氣衰退時,組織除了裁員、減薪、休無薪假等削減與人力資源相關投入之措施外,企業更應重新思考如何才能讓企業永續經營。因此,本研究從學習的角度切入說明組織學習對企業的重要性。   學者陳銘嘉與邱峰祥(2005)曾提出組織承諾對於學習的作用具有關鍵的影響的論點。然而有關組織承諾對於組織學習影響的研究較少,相關的文獻較為缺乏,而激勵是組織承諾的相關變項之一;且組織是否能營造出適合發展職場友誼的環境,也將左右員工留任的態度,加上金融海嘯發生以來勞資雙方欠缺互相信任的關係,但工作中的社交關係卻是有助於發展組織承諾。   綜上,本研究主要以激勵制度、職場友誼、社會資本與組織承諾對組織學習影響為研究主題,並以當前受金融海嘯襲擊及政府推動金融改革影響最鉅之銀行業為研究範圍,並選定T銀行為研究對象,發出300份問卷,問卷回收共計270份,運用SPSS及LISREL來驗證本研究之相關假設。研究結果發現:(1)激勵制度、社會資本對組織承諾有正向影響;(2)組織承諾對組織學習有正向影響;(3)激勵制度、社會資本對組織學習有正向影響;(4)激勵制度、社會資本會透過組織承諾對而影響組織學習。   因此,企業在面臨嚴苛環境衝擊與市場競爭之下,若想永續經營,除了採取裁員、減薪、休無薪假等削減人力資源成本之措施外,應正向思考並適著從組織學習的角度切入,建立能讓員工認同之激勵制度與在互信的基礎下發展或累積社會資本,促使組織能耐提升,並轉化成為企業競爭力。
  Banking environment in Taiwan has changed due to the global financial crisis. In the face of the recession caused by financial crisis, enterprises take actions to remain in business, such as layoffs, pay cuts, unpaid leave and reduction on human resources-related measures. In addition, enterprises should consider other factors that they can do during the difficult times. This study focuses on the importance of organizational learning to enterprises.   Chen and Chou (2005) indicate that organizational commitment is crucial to learning. However, there are few studies on the impact of organizational commitment to organizational learning. This study considers three important factors related to organizational learning and organizational commitment: motivation system, workplace friendship, and social capital. First, motivation is one important and relevant variable of organizational commitment. Second, workplace friendship affects the attitudes of employees to leave or stay in his company. Third, social capital is conducive to organizational commitment, especially when a lack of mutual trust between employers and employee could arise from the financial crisis.   This study focuses on the consequence of motivation systems, workplace friendship, social capital, organizational commitment to organizational learning. We select the sample from the banking industry because they are highly affected by the financial crisis and government financial reforms. Take T bank as the sample, we issued 300 questionnaires and collected 270 questionnaires. We adopt SPSS and LISREL structural model to test our hypotheses. The result shows that: (1)motivation systems, social capital has positive effects on organizational commitment, (2) organizational commitment have a positive impact on organizational learning, (3) motivation systems, social capital has positive impacts on organizational learning, and (4) motivation systems, social capital will be affected by organizational commitment on organizational learning. To sum up, organizational commitment, motivation systems, and social capital have significant effect on organizational learning. Businesses should consider the effect of these factors especially in difficult times and competitive markets.
激勵制度, 職場友誼, 社會資本, 組織承諾, 組織學習, Motivation Systems, Workplace Friendship, Social Capital, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Learning