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摘要 2D手繪動畫發展至今技術與系統都已經趨於成熟,3D電腦動畫的出現讓動畫創作產生新的視野,成為動畫市場的新主力。但過多風格雷同的3D電腦動畫作品,失去了動畫的多元性,於是動畫創作者為了創造新的視覺風格,將兩者結合於作品上。2D手繪動畫具有呈現多元的視覺藝術風格的優點,對於角色動畫的動態也能細膩的刻畫出來,善用傳統動畫的準則於3D電腦動畫上,可以讓作品更具有藝術感。3D電腦動畫更具有擬真性、空間立體架構的優勢,以虛擬攝影機能突破傳統動畫的平面運鏡瓶頸,程式運算中間畫格取代2D手繪動畫逐格繪製的過程,讓工作更有效率。研究者由文獻與影片資料的分析,2D手繪動畫融入3D電腦動畫的方式為角色動畫以2D手繪為主,機械、交通工具等硬質物品或角色以3D建模,再利用3D軟體算圖與著色方式產生卡通質感效果。背景配合虛擬攝影機的運鏡方式3D化,並以手繪質感的貼圖,讓背景與角色維持協調感。本研究以兩者結合的方式與原則作為創作的主軸,最後經由創作的過程與結果,了解到兩者結合後的結果具有多變的視覺風格可能性。
Abstract The technique of 2D handy-sketched animation is becoming matured; also the invention of 3D computer animation brings the animation a new era. Animation artists try to adopt two distinctive techniques/forms for artwork creation. 2D handy-sketched animation is superior both in presenting multi visual styles and character animation. Hopefully, the animation creation is expected to be more of sense-of-aesthetics by proper including the principles of 3D computer animation. The ability of objects simulating and virtual space constructing are primary merits of 3D computer animation. Camera manipulating is 3D-based which can not be accomplished under tradition animation operation mode. In stead of frame-by-frame drawing in 2D handy-sketched animation, 3D computer animation renders in-between frames by key frames. This assures the efficiency. From literature reviewing and video films analysis of 2D-included 3D computer animations, it is a tendency that character animation is usually completed by 2D handy-sketched whereas stuffs such as mechanic equipment, traffic facility are constructed mostly by 3D techniques. To be consistent with 2D handy-sketched characters, the scene should be rendered in cartoon fashion. Additionally, to coordinating with 3D virtual camera, the sketched background ought to be considered and represented in 3D manner. This study intends to extract the blending principle of two differential animations. By experiencing the harmony of traditional 2D handy-sketched and 3D computer, the researcher expects to provide the varieties of visual art styles.



傳統動畫, 3D電腦動畫, 動畫創作, traditional animation, 3D computer animation, animation creation