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本研究主要目的在探討PaGamO運用在國小五年級社會領域學習成效之研究,本研究採用準實驗研究設計法輔以半結構訪談,以新北市公立國小五年級兩個班52位學生為研究對象,分為實驗組26人使用PaGamO,對照組26人沒有使用PaGamO。實施期間為期九週,量化資料有社會領域學習態度量表前、後測及社會領域學習紙筆測驗前、後測,並以SPSS統計軟體進行分析;質性資料輔以學生半結構性訪談進行,以了解學生學習態度及對PaGamO的看法。 本研究結果發現如下: 一、運用PaGamO有顯著提升國小五年級學生學習社會領域的學習成效。 二、運用PaGamO並無顯著提升國小五年級學生學習社會領域的學習態度。 根據研究結果,本研究提出建議與未來研究方向,希望對提高社會領域的學習成效與學習態度能有所助益。
The main purpose of this research is to explore the study of the effectiveness of PaGamO to the social study domain of the fifth grade in an elementary school. This research uses a quasi-experimental research design method with semi-structured interviews, and 52 students were included in two classes of the fifth grade of a public elementary school in New Taipei City. The students were divided into the experimental group of 26 people who used PaGamO, and the control group of 26 people who did not use PaGamO. The implementation period lasts for nine weeks. Quantitative data include pre- and post-tests of the Social Study Learning Attitudes Scale, and pre- and post-tests of the Social Study Learning Paper-and-Pen Test, and analyzed with SPSS statistical software; the qualitative data is supplemented by semi-structured interviews with students , To understand students’ learning attitudes and their views on PaGamO. The findings of this study are as follows: 1.PaGamO applied to the Social Study Domain has significantly improved the learning effectiveness of fifth grade students in the social field. 2.PaGamO applied to the Social Study Domain did not significantly improve the learning attitude of the fifth grade students in the social field. Based on the research results, this research proposes recommendations and future research directions, hoping to help improve learning effectiveness and learning attitudes in the social study.



PaGamO, 學習成效, 學習態度, PaGamO, learning effectiveness, learning attitude