The Effect of Intrinsic Motivation and Transformational Leadership on Organizational Commitment with Job Satisfaction as Mediator of Firefighters in Taiwan

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This study aims at discovering the factors that are linked to firefighters’ job satisfaction and their commitment for the purpose of decreasing the turnover intention and reduce the possibilities of firefighters getting too much job stress. Taiwan often encounters natural disasters of typhoons, earthquakes, and so on, and firefighters are important heroes whose mission is protecting thesociety and its victims from harm and to rescue injured people. Nevertheless, firefighters are working under challenging and severe situations, and their job involves many potential dangers. This research is being conducted in hoping to explore the possible relationships between intrinsic motivation and transformational leadership, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. For the adaptability and fitness of the questionnaire adopted in this study, the researcher interviewed firefighters in order to understand their environment, difficulties, and current situation. After the questionnaire was designed, the questions were reviewed and revised according to experts’ opinions. Regarding to data collection, the researcher received samples by using both online-based and paper-based questionnaire. In the pilot test, 83 firefighters currently working for fire agencies or fire departments were included. To receive the final result, 290 samples were collected, and 275 of them were valid.



intrinsic motivation, transformational leadership, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, firefighter, intrinsic motivation, transformational leadership, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, firefighter