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以現今全球市場上的產品研發及生產現況來看,比起以往3C科技產業的設計開發,產品的生命週期逐年大幅縮短,在產品的汰換更新速度上,與往常的產品週期已是大大的不同。技術快速發展與變遷的新時代裡,大部份行業均受到相當程度的衝擊,由於產品開發速度上的競爭力,直接影響到ODM產業,在設計流程的執行上也被逼迫轉變;就公司開發團隊及產品工程師而言,實是有必要去改變設計模式以調整設計程序,進而提升產品設計上的工作效率。 本論文以接受代理委託的各原始設計加工(Original Design Manufacture,ODM)產業,也就是台灣普遍稱呼的代工產業,在ODM模式下之設計程序為研究重點,並以網路通訊產品為主要研究類別,先將設計相關程序之文獻做歸納整理,再以國內ODM產業公司做為主要的研究單位對象,在探討產品開發的設計流程上,試圖從案例中找出重要問題點,再以創作來驗證程序,以釐清各實際專案之程序脈絡。 本研究結論探討出ODM模式中的開案模式脈絡,並在流程本身的適切性上作出分析,還有在跨部門的合作模式、部門溝通以及設計工程上之問題點,並針對實際創作的專案作業流程中,提出所存在著影響設計程序的關鍵要素。
In today's global market, on product development and production of the current situation, compared to the past 3C design and development of the technology industry, the product life cycle is significantly reduced year by year. In the replacement speed of the product updating greatly different from usual product cycle. In this rapidly technological development and changed new era, most industries are subject to a considerable degree of impact. Due to the competitiveness of product development speed has impacted on the ODM industry directly and the implementation of the design process has also been forced to change. For development team and product engineers, this is really necessary to change the design mode to adjust the design process and enhance the efficiency of product design. In this thesis, focusing on the mode of ODM design industry that’s so called foundry industry in Taiwan and the network communications products as the main type of research. At first, to summarize the literature related to design , and then, take the domestic ODM industry companies as the main research units objects. Try to find importantly trouble spots from the cases in exploring the design of the product development process and verify procedure by creation to clarify the procedure context of the actual project. The conclusions of this study is to explore the opening case context of ODM mode, and to analyze the appropriateness of process itself, as well as in the cross-sectoral cooperation mode, departmental communication and key points of the design engineering, and to propose the key factors that affecting the design process according to the project of the actual creation.



設計程序, 設計模式, 委託設計, design process, design patterns, ODM