3D點矩陣全像片呈現經典動態影像之研究 – 以盧彥勳晉級溫布登八強親吻手指及指向天際動作為例

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由於非法盜版之猖獗,使用光學變化裝置OVD(optical variable device),可有效防止掃描、影印,藉以保護其版權。全像片亦為OVD的一種,不僅可用於防偽用途上,亦可用於藝術創作。而數位典藏的蓬勃發展,讓許多懷舊商品,帶來了典藏加值之可能性。而全像科技的研究,過去多著重於全像片防偽功能上的探討,較少關於數位典藏動態影像之整合應用。因此本研究試圖將點矩陣全像片與典藏動作加以結合,除了可呈現特殊的光影變化效果,亦可應用於防偽及品牌保護,將提高其附加價值。本研究主要目的為參考我國網球好手盧彥勳晉級溫布頓八強賽影片中,擷取其親吻手指伸向天際之經典動作,繪製成連續動作之3D圖像,再運用數位點矩陣全像片(Dot matrix hologram)來設計成具有連續動畫效果的全像影像,並實際輸出作為參考。亦即將藉由點矩陣全像的合成技術方法,應用於盧彥勳3D圖像,且製作出3D點矩陣全像片,來顯示其特殊的動態效果與光影變化。最後將此全像片設計為加值產品,及賦予一段故事作行銷推廣。本研究結果顯示,所設計之點矩陣全像片,不需電源與螢幕,可直接顯示其動畫效果,此種兼具科技及典藏內容的整合設計,將有許多加值應用的可能性。
To protect the copyright, the use of OVD (Optical variable device) can effectively prevent the original document from illegal copy. Hologram is a kind of the OVDs. It can be used not only for artistic creation but also for security purposes. With the rapid development of digital archives, it can bring the possibility of the value-added application for many old commodities. However, in the past, the research of holography technology has always been focused on discussing the function of anti-counterfeiting, and less efforts has been devoted to the conformity application between digital archives and the video-images. Therefore, this research will propose a method to combine dot-matrix holograms and classic video-images because dot-matrix holograms can profoundly enhance its value-added application. The main purpose of this paper is to transform the classic video-images from Rendy Lu, who won the ticket of quarter-final in Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in 2010, into a series of images. These images show that Rendy Lu kisses his fingers and raises his hand to the sky. Then, we take the 3D model of Rendy Lu as elements to design an optical variable effect by using dot-matrix hologram. In the end, we make this dot matrix hologram become a value-added product, and give it a story to promote the product in the market. The result shows that the dot matrix holograms which we design can directly display 3D video-images without using any electricity or power. Consequently, this dot-matrix hologram design which combines technology and digital archives will have many possibilities of value-added applications.



全像科技, 典藏加值, 故事行銷, 經典動態影像, 盧彥勳, holographic technology, value-added application, story marketing, classic video-image, Rendy Lu