James S. Coleman理性選擇理論及其教育蘊義


本研究旨在探討美國社會學家James S. Coleman理性選擇理論及其教育蘊義,希望藉由理論的分析,能夠深入瞭解其社會學理性選擇理論之意涵,並從中尋繹教育可資借鏡之處。為此,本研究的主要研究目的為:   一、探討Coleman社會學思想及其背景。   二、分析Coleman教育研究的脈絡及其貢獻。   三、釐析Coleman理性選擇理論與其教育研究的關聯。   四、提出Coleman學術研究對教育的啟示。   根據研究目的,本論文以Coleman的理性選擇理論及教育研究出發,探討其理論建構與實徵研究的關聯。經分析,本研究得出的結論如下:   一、影響Coleman的當代學術思潮主要有社會交換理論及新古典經濟學。   二、Coleman社會學思想核心為理性選擇理論,而在方法論上則是採取「個人主義方法論」。   三、Coleman的教育研究乃其理論建構的重要實徵基礎。   四、Coleman理性選擇模型乃作為理解其教育實徵研究的概念架構。   本研究指出了Coleman理性選擇論及教育研究在教育及社會學理論上的貢獻,同時也歸納其他學者的批評並進行討論。最後,本研究也提出了Coleman教育研究及社會學思想對於教育改革及教育社會學研究之啟示。
The purpose of this research is to explore the sociological thought and work of James S. Coleman. Coleman’s rational choice theory was chosen as the focus of the research and the contributions of his academic works were discussed. The main goals of the research are as follows: 1. To explore the sociological thought of Coleman and its background and development. 2. To explore Coleman’s educational works and contributions. 3. To analyze the connection between Coleman’s rational choice theory and his empirical works on education. 4. To assess the Coleman's academic works and its implications for education and research of sociology of education. Based on the purpose of this research, this research begins with the introduction of Coleman’s rational choice theory and his educational works. Then, the relations between his sociological theoretical works and empirical studies were analyzed. The following are the results of the analysis : 1. Coleman’s sociological thought was mainly influenced by social exchange theory and neoclassical economics. 2. The core of Coleman’s sociological thought was rational choice theory, and the methodological individualism was his methodology tools. 3. Coleman’s educational studies contributed to his sociological theoretical works. 4. Coleman’s rational choice theory constituted the conceptual framework for understanding his educational empirical studies. This research pointed out the contributions of Coleman’s rational choice theory and his educational works on the educational and sociological theory. The critiques from others scholars also discussed in this study. Finally, the implications of Coleman’s educational works and his sociological thought are also analyzed.



James S. Coleman, 理性選擇理論, 教育社會學研究, James S. Coleman, Rational Choice Theory, Sociology of Education