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現今的數位科技日新月異,進步的速度可謂一日千里,尤其以3D電腦動畫的出現,讓動畫創作者們激起不少衝擊與刺激。除了影響傳統的2D動畫製作手法與工序,更對平面藝術創作,造成巨大的震撼與考驗,不僅顛覆了技術概念與創意思維,更翻新了藝術創作的新視野與價值觀,3D電腦動畫儼然已成為當代藝術與媒體的新寵兒。 傳統水墨繪畫藝術雖歷時千年之久,在視覺上若想再尋求突破與創新,則必彙整故有的思維與傳統的包袱,接受科技時代的數位媒體藝術與之結合,這是種無法迴避的時代趨勢,也是藝術發展的必要歷程。細觀60年代傳統水墨動畫的問世,震撼不少傳統水墨畫家與藝文人士,時至今日的3D水墨動畫異軍突起,發展至今才短短十數年,所影響與延伸的範圍已囊括了電視、電影、廣告、遊戲、動畫、互動媒體、行動藝術與其他視聽上的領域,這樣的魅力與可塑性實在不容小覷。 創作者將3D水墨動畫的研究範圍延伸至水族類生物間的互動故事,並參考希德‧菲爾德的三段式和黑格爾的“衝突律”劇本結構,將所創作的動畫故事賦予起伏之劇情,運用迪士尼動畫的12項基本法則,讓動畫作品增添趣味與誇張性,欲藉由水族類生物間互動的情節,呼應人類生物底層之本性與道德教化之糾結,意喻人類之間應該放下武力爭鬥,才能得有和平共處的世界。 從各階段的文獻探討、影片資料分析和創作者之實境觀察所得,並以3D動畫軟體Autodesk Maya、2D特效軟體Adobe After Effects、影像處理軟體Adobe Photoshop與後製剪輯軟體Adobe Premiere Pro為創作的工具,於創作過程中研究出更能突顯3D水墨動畫效果的材質擬真性、佈局於3D空間的表演優勢性以及運用數位媒材所展現意境的美感相容性,以提供後續欲使用3D水墨動畫概念創作之研究者參考依據與應用範疇,更期望能藉此創作論述,延續水墨藝術的創作精神與促進文化融合之動畫發展。
Along with the digital science and technology changing, the digital technology is daily rapid progress. Especially, the appearance of the 3-dimensional computer animation evokes lots of impact and excitement for the animation creators. It impacts the produce and process way of the 2-dimensional animation and it also causes the great shock and tests for the graphic arts creation. The 3-dimensional computer animation is not only to subvert the graphic techniques concept and the creative thinking but also to create a new sight and value for the art work. It becomes the new lover of the contemporary art and media. The traditional ink painting art has history for thousands of years. If it seeks its vision breakthrough and innovation, it has to integrate the traditional ideas and value to combine with the technological era of digital media art. This is an unavoidable tendency and it is also the necessary for the artistic development. When the advent of the traditional ink painting animation in 1960s, it had shock lots of traditional ink painters and the artists. Now today, the meteoric development of the 3D ink painting animation had only a decade. But its impact and influence had covering television, movie, advertisement, gaming, animation, interactive media, action art, and on other related audiovisual areas. Its fascination and plasticity should not be underestimated. Creator extends the study scope of the 3D ink painting animation to the interactive story between aquatic animals. They refer to the three-stage of Syd Field and the “Conflict“ of Hegel as their script structure. They added the undulated circumstances into the animated story referring the Disney’s 12 animation criteria in order to exaggerate the story’s entertainment. By using the interactive plot of the aquatic animals, it reflects to the human biological underlying nature and the entanglement of moralization. It implies that humans should give away the force battle in order to living in the peaceful world. From the every stages of document study and film information analysis, and the creator’s observation, it found that if it using 3D animation software programs such as Autodesk、Maya, 2D special effects software such as Adobe After Effects, Image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop, and Post-production editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro as their creating tools and it can more appear the material realization of 3D ink painting animation effect at the 3D space advantage and the display’s aesthetic compatibility by using the digital technique. This could be used as a reference for the researchers’ application area at the creation concept of the 3D ink painting animation. Furthermore, hoping this concept could extend the creative spirit of the ink painting art and promote the cultural integration for the animation development.



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