Investigate the Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Learning Culture on The Relationship between Protean Career Orientation and Intention to Stay among Millennial Workers in Vietnam

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According to the report about the workplace in Vietnam from Anphabe corporation, the turnover rate was alarmed to reach at 24 percent in 2019. The organizations in Vietnam have lost many resources which were calculated at least one-year or two-year salary for each employee leaving. Therefore, understanding employees’ insights and their orientation in the workplace is critically important to support them in their career development and to keep them staying in the organization. The research aspired to scrutinize protean career orientation and its influences on the employees’ intention to stay, examined to see if organizational learning culture moderated the relationship between protean career orientation and intention to stay. The study embraced the quantitative research method to collect the data in Vietnamese population, and millennial workers who were born in the years of 1981 - 2000 were the targeted participants of this study. To analyze the data, the confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson correlation and hierarchical regression were used by the SPSS and AMOS software. The results based on 253 millennial workers in Vietnam showed that protean career orientation was positively correlated with intention to stay, and the positive moderating effect of perceived organizational learning culture on the mentioned relationship was also supported.



none, protean career orientation, organizational learning culture, intention to stay, millennial workers, Vietnamese workers