NTRU上的可否認加密技術 Deniable Encryption Technology on NTRU

dc.contributor 紀博文 zh_TW
dc.contributor Chi, Po-Wen en_US
dc.contributor.author 張惠安 zh_TW
dc.contributor.author Chang, Huei-An en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2022-06-08T02:43:24Z
dc.date.available 2022-01-22
dc.date.available 2022-06-08T02:43:24Z
dc.date.issued 2022
dc.description.abstract 晶格密碼學中有以Hoffstein等人於1996年所提出的NTRU公開金鑰密碼系統,在量子電腦運算能力逐漸進步的情況下,NTRU是近年來其中一個可以抵抗Shor演算法的公開金鑰密碼系統。而Canetti等人於1997年所提出的「可否認加密」技術,其概念是當監聽者要求發送者傳給收件者的密文,被迫透露真實訊息的線索給監聽者知道時,「可否認加密」可以在密文中仿造出一個虛假訊息使監聽者相信,藉此保護真實訊息。我們將Canetti等人於1997年提出「可否認加密」的加密方式與Hoffstein等人於1996年所提出的NTRU公開金鑰密碼系統做結合,這可以讓我們有能力創造出偽造的金鑰來欺騙監聽者,亦能在一般加密及可否認加密下皆可解出正確的訊息。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstract Among researches of lattice-based cryptography, Hoffstein et al. proposed the NTRU public key cryptosystem in 1996. As the computing power of quantum computers increase rapidly, NTRU is one of the public key cryptosystems that can resist Shor's algorithm in recent years. Deniable encryption is a concept proposed by Canetti et al. in 1997, that is when a listener asks the sender and the receiver of the ciphertext for some clue of the true message, deniable encryption will create a fake message in the ciphertext, and send to the listener. This allows the true message to be protected. We combine the encryption method of "deniable encryption" proposed by Canetti et al. in 1997 with the NTRU public key cryptographic system proposed byHoffstein et al. in 1996. This allows us to create a forged key to deceive the listener, and the correct message can be solved under normal encryption and deniable encryption. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship 資訊工程學系 zh_TW
dc.identifier 60647081S-40829
dc.identifier.uri https://etds.lib.ntnu.edu.tw/thesis/detail/9fd18f0708ebf061ba501936b0753583/
dc.identifier.uri http://rportal.lib.ntnu.edu.tw/handle/20.500.12235/117287
dc.language 中文
dc.subject 後量子密碼學 zh_TW
dc.subject 晶格密碼系統 zh_TW
dc.subject 可否認加密 zh_TW
dc.subject NTRU公開金鑰密碼系統 zh_TW
dc.subject post-quantum cryptography en_US
dc.subject lattice-based cryptography en_US
dc.subject Deniable encryption en_US
dc.subject NTRU public key cryptosystem en_US
dc.title NTRU上的可否認加密技術 zh_TW
dc.title Deniable Encryption Technology on NTRU en_US
dc.type 學術論文
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