The Relationship of Employee Chronotypes, Personality Dimensions, Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement among White Collar Workers in Taiwan

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The influence of morningness on important work-related variables among employees remains largely unexplored. Consequently, the aim of this study was to examine the relationship of the concept with an increasingly important business variable for employees, namely work engagement. To get a clearer understanding of the relationship, it was additionally examined, whether job satisfaction mediates, and the big five personality dimensions moderate the relationship. Morningness was calculated by using the reduced morningness-eveningness questionnaire (rMEQ). Data was collected in form of a self-report questionnaire from 200 individuals, employed in the local private industry. One-way ANOVA revealed, that morning-chronotype employees experience significantly higher levels of work engagement and job satisfaction. Further, mediation analysis demonstrated, that job satisfaction acts as a mediator in the relationship between morningness and work engagement. Lastly, hierarchical regression analysis showed, that the big five personality dimensions do not moderate the relationship. The findings of the present study highlight the potential far-reaching impacts of chronotypes on employee’s subjective perception of their job. As variables like job satisfaction and work engagement play an increasingly important role for employees in today’s working world, the findings of this study should be carefully considered by organizations. Simultaneously, further research surrounding morningness and work-related variables is needed, to obtain a clearer understanding of its significance and impact in organizational work settings.



none, morningness, chronotype, work engagement, job satisfaction, big five personality dimensions