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本研究利用咖啡市場的探究與現行行銷面向的蒐集與探討,比對於目前市場上興盛的咖啡品牌,試圖提出適切的視覺設計運用於此產業。透過對主要競爭者:illy及LAVAZZA的分析,與次要競爭者STARBUCKS的分析可發現,此三種品牌將「精品行銷」帶入市場,提高顧客對產品的吸引力。另外,他們亦重視形象識別設計、包裝設計及室內的裝潢與呈現的味道與主題,彼此間的品牌識別有明顯的市場區隔。透過競爭者的分析,本研究創作鎖定以「芒果黃」作為與其他競品的視覺區隔,暖色系傳達出溫暖與活潑的色彩意象,亦能傳達台灣在地人文特色。 現今的消費型態,美學掌握了消費者第一眼的目光,有時候更是主宰了消費者購買的慾望,對咖啡產業來說,值得密切注意的是,重視生活品味此消費族群具有高消費能力,但市場上較少主推結合精美包裝設計的「新鮮精品咖啡豆」之台灣品牌,若能更深入挖掘此一消費群、給予符合他們的品味與氣氛,更能增添產品吸引力與製造商機。
This research conducts an appropriate use of visual design applicable in the coffee industry through the means of exploring the specialized beverage market. This is done so through the collection and analysis of contemporary market trends and a direct comparison with strong competitors within the market. Though the analysis of competitors illy, Lavazza and Starbucks, it is notable that all listed subjects of research embraces the marketing method known as “refined coffee marketing”, which enhanced their appeals to customers. Moreover, the companies also prioritize image identity, packaging and interior designs, and at the same time, a strong correlation of recognition between each individual company. Through the analysis of competitors, this case study scenario selects the color of “mango” as the visual segmentation with other competing bodies, because warm colors not only convey vibrant color images, but also portray the cultural characteristics of Taiwan. In the contemporary consumer patterns, aesthetic products grasp the attentions of consumers at the first glance, this reason is easily justifiable to be one of the strongest contributors of the purchase trend. In the coffee industry, it is worth taking note that the consumer group whom wishes to enhance their lifestyle through the means of luxuriating their daily consumption, generally have a higher purchasing power. However, it is rare that a Taiwanese coffee brand in the contemporary market to optimize a prime focus of delivering “fresh refined coffee beans” in designer packaging. If the consumer group could be exploited and expectations fulfilled, it will not only make the product more attractive, but at the same time create business opportunities.



咖啡, 行銷, 品牌, 包裝, Coffee, Marketing, Brand, Packaging