ODM設計之專案管理研究 以『多功能事務機』為例

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以台灣目前研發產品,大多由台灣設計開發、異地生產製造之模式,爲拉近時空距離,而專案產出的相關技術知識,亦為企業珍貴之資產。因此有效的專案管理方法,可以達成有效之產品管控及發展與品質,大幅減低企業管理導入成本。 本研究主要目的在探討公司內部之產品專案管理,首先做一些專案管理理論相關文獻探討並配合科技業普遍使用PDM系統的專案管理架構,經由個案探討專案管理方法在新產品開發管理的應用,期望能透過ODM專案管理手法來強化產品開發過程的管理;其次,以多功能事務機產品設計研究方法分析與創作策略「個案研究」進行研究分析;最後深入訪談公司高階主管及專案管理人員以管理者角度及執行者之比較差異分析;並針對專案之實際開發設計流程分析;最後由自己實際參與產品開發以創作意念、創作電腦3D圖、包裝設計、整體出貨新產品開發設計圖,作為此次研究ODM專案管理實際案例設計的作品呈現。 經過本研究內容結果發現以ODM設計專案管理系統開發之實際執行階段過程,每一階段工作內容都極為細微且相關性,而且階段性時間常因整個專案期限精短而緊迫,尤其多功能事務機極為複雜的產品,其變數常難以預計。於實際專案管理中發現技術的精要技術層面、在專案的流程中絕大多數的都能將每個問題點一一探討出解決方式,讓每個專案都能成功並完美的結案,達到客戶及消費者端都能達到最滿意的成效,各合作雙方都能獲取最大利益。期待此次的設計之專案管理研究-多功能事務機為例能對新產品開發專案管理績效的提昇,能帶給公司有正面的助益。
Current Taiwan product development is typically designed in Taiwan and manufactured elsewhere. Successful project management closing time and distance gap is a valuable corporate know-how. Therefore, effective project management through exercising control over product planning, its development and quality can achieve overall lowering of product deployment costs. Through case study to investigate how PDM is applied to product development. Our expectation is that ODM project management process can strengthen product development process and its management. Furthermore, we will use multi-function printer product design as a mean to analyze development method and innovation strategy (case study). Next, we conducted in-depth discussion with company’s senior staff and project management personnel to obtain their perspective. This perspective gives us an opportunity to study real product development process. Finally, I participated in actual product design and development of a new product. Deliverable for this research is the result of this ODM project management: development idea, computer 3D cad files, packaging design, and complete new product design drawings. Our research reveals that ODM project management system from product planning, product design, initial design, detail design, engineering verification, and design verification till mass production, every phase of the work content is extremely detail and linked. Additionally, due to overall delivery requirements, schedule between phases are typically squeezed. Multi-function peripheral product is complex and due to customer’s many design change requesuts, it is not possible for single person to anticipate all the change variables. Therefore, in order to achieve project objectives project team needs to cooperate closely with all parties for resource allocation, technical integration, and design implementation. Prior to start of the project, optimizing resource, schedule and other aspects of the project is necessary. Such level of planning should achieve optimize resource benefiting mutual cooperation and customer satisfaction. It is my intention through this research to increase project management efficiency and bring positive progress to the company.



專案管理, ODM多功能事物機, 新產品設計, Project Management, ODM Multiple-Function Printer, Product Design