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本研究的主要目的在探究國民中學階段,以STS模式之教學活動實施於理化科教學,對學生批判思考能力之影響。研究者透過文獻探討以瞭解STS模式教學之特質與精神,藉此設計符合其特質的模組課程進行教學;此外亦探討「批判思考」之定義、進行批判思考所需的心理傾向與運作能力,歸納出批判思考者所應具有之行為指標,並以此為依據發展「批判思考能力測驗」,作為前後測之評量工具。 研究者以任教的桃園縣中壢市某國中二年級學生,男生十八人、女生十三人,共三十一人為研究對象。將「STS生活化模組」之教學活動作為理化科補充教材,利用聯課活動及導師時間施行實驗教學。 研究工具則採用研究者編擬之簡答題式的「批判思考能力測驗」,施以前測及後測,以此觀察學生在批判思考能力上的變化。並以研究者編擬之「學習意見調查問卷」讓學生填答,旨在了解學生經STS模式教學後,對於批判思考態度傾向的改變。 本研究所得的結論為: 1、STS模式教學可提升學生的批判思考能力。 2、STS模式教學可促進學生批判思考的態度傾向。 3、STS的特殊教學模式,使學生參與積極。 4、教師從事STS模式的教學活動,有助於專業能力的提昇。
The main object of this research is to discover within the junior high educational level. By utilizing the STS mode learning activity along with nature science education the project is to find out how it affects students critical thinking ability. The researcher use the following research to develop a better knowledge of STS learning skill of mental purpose. By using this mode to match with the same program of educational courses as well as discovering the main purpose of the controversial subject and the inner thoughts or individual reaction. In conclusion the experimental patients will form an accurate goal to success. The system developed into logical thinking examination to maintain standard average. The researcher uses STS teaching mode to focus on his own student which is from his 18 male students and 13 female students in all total of 31 students of his junior high class. By using this STS lifestyle group of activities allows insufficient nature guidelines. During in class assignments and class hours to process the experiment. The researcher uses his own controversial examination of true or false questions in between the exam. To observe the effects of students controversial ability and following the examination learning survey to the students. The main purpose is to help develops students after controversial ability and how it affects them. In conclusion: 1.STS teaching mode can prevent student critical thinking ability. 2.STS teaching mode helped gain student attitude of critical thinking. 3.The special STS teaching mode made students more interested. 4.Since the STS teaching activity of instructor can became more professional.



STS模式教學, 批判性思考, STS teaching mode, critical thinking