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中文摘要 2002年時臺中爵士樂尚隸屬為臺中閃亮文化季下的活動之一,因活動舉辦深受市民肯定,2003年便獨立出來成為主要性活動,舉辦至今人數從最初的2萬提升至百萬人潮,相關節目增加與豐富,也帶動周邊產業興起,如今臺中爵士音樂節已成為臺中知名的國際性節目,對於臺中文化的推廣有極大幫助。 筆者是臺中人,本身喜愛音樂且對於平常所見的事物形、色、質均有相當敏銳度,筆者參與音樂節時,對舞台上多彩多姿的表演有產生極大共鳴,整體氣氛表現對筆者而言是有藝術上美感的成分,激起本身的創作靈感。 基於上述所處在地文化的精神與個人情感上的引發促使對臺中爵士樂加以探究,藉由資料統整瞭解爵士樂與西美史音樂呈現的歷史脈絡,並將色彩學實際運用於創作上,繪畫創作時嘗試使用複合媒材,觸類旁通,突破自我,建構自我繪畫風格。 此論文共分為六個章節,摘要如下: 第一章為「緒論」,說明本創作題材與媒材選擇之動機及目的,敘述研究方法、範圍與限制要素。 第二章為「學理基礎與文獻的探討」,筆者以爵士樂的歷史脈絡、美術史上藝術家對於音樂的多樣呈現方式,科技的發達對於光學上應用與色彩學的理性及情感上所產生作用給予探究。 第三章為「創作理念」,針對筆者對於音樂上的啟示與藍調對時下年輕人的影響;畫面與音樂之律動關係及色彩呈現的方式以予論述。 第四章為「內容與形式、媒材與技法」,畫面內容緊扣著主題臺中爵士樂所取之題材繪製,形式與過程以創作來排序並論述細節,媒材與技法方面則以水性的水彩與壓克力繪製創作。 第五章為「作品解析」,創作作品上以爵士樂的歷史作為創作作品之時間軸,首先為藍調系列、其次過渡至繽紛多彩之系列呈現,並對其各幅作品論述創作之心得。 第六章為「結論」,將這兩年研究之成果做個階段性總結,此題材筆者愛不釋手,期望未來能更加精進成長。 關鍵字:爵士樂、藍調、色彩、光
ENGLISH ABSTRACT In 2002, Taichung Jazz Festival was still subordinated to one of the activities under Taichung Shining Cultural Season. In 2003, it stood alone and became the central activity after being received lots of approvals. Since it was held, the number of tourists taking part in the festival has increased from two million at first to millions of people now. The appearance of several relevant programs promotes surrounding industries as well. So far, Taichung Jazz Festival has become the well-known international program locally and it helps greatly in promoting the culture of Taichung. As the local, the researcher loves music and has high sensitivity of shapes, colors, plus qualities in his daily life. Therefore, huge echo and resonance emerged when he was exposed himself during the colorful and magnificent performance. The entire atmosphere was so artistic in aesthetics that it aroused the researcher’s inspiration for the creation. Based on the local cultural spirits as well as the trigger of personal emotions, it drove the researcher to explore into the festival. Via data arrangement, it assisted us to understand the presented historical clues of both jazz and western American music. The researcher also put chromatology into practice for the creation and as he did it, he used complex media materials, comprehended by analogy, made breakthrough of himself, and erected his own painting style. The current study is divided into six chapters: The first chapter deals with “Introduction”, which describes the materials and the motivation/purpose of choosing media resources. It also elaborates research methods, ranges, and the limitations. The second chapter illustrates “Discussion of Theoretical Frameworks and Literature”. Via the historical contexts of jazz, diverse presenting ways of music in art history, the application of optics through high technology, and the effectiveness of rational and emotional chromatics, the study had been done. Third Chapter concerns “The Idea of Creation”. It centers on the inspiration of music and the impact of Blues on teenagers as well as the rhythmical relationship between picture and music, and the displaying ways of coloring by the researcher. Fourth Chapter explains “Content and Form; Media Materials and Techniques”. The picture content sticks closely to the painting of the festival as the main theme. The form and the process were sorted and arranged in terms of creation, and they further gave detailed information. In the aspect of media materials and techniques, the creation is carried out by means of watercolors plus acrylic design. The fifth chapter depicts “The Analysis of Works”. When speaking of the works, the researcher uses time axis to list the history of jazz, starting from Blues to a series of colorfulness. Besides, he wrote reflections on the basis of each work he saw. The final chapter comes to my “Conclusion”. It stage-summarizes the outcomes of the study during these two years. The researcher shows a tremendous interest in this field, hoping to deepen more of his professional knowledge in the future. Keywords: jazz, blues, colors, lights



爵士樂, 藍調, 色彩, , jazz, blues, colors, lights