The calculation on the rotational kinematics about the longitudinal axis of javelin by three methods

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The motion of javelin is complicated after it is released. Itis necessary to use some skills to calculate the rotation kinematics about the longitudinal axis of javelin. In this study, the Euler angle, the Cardan angle and the screw axis methods were used to calculate these kinematic variables. Two synchronized Redlake high-speed cameras (250 Hz) and a javelin with three fixed reflective markers were used in the experiment. Generally the results by three methods were close, and all of the three methods are suitable for the calculation on these variables. In the Euler angle and Cardan angle methods, the order of rotation sequence needs to be taken account, however no similar problem occurred in screw method. The results suggested that the longitudinal axis should be set as second axis in either Euler angle or Cardan angle methods to avoid Gimbal Lock (singularity) problem.