Intelligent data cache based on content popularity and user location for Content Centric Networks

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Abstract Content cache as well as data cache is vital to Content Centric Network (CCN). A sophisticated cache scheme is necessary but unsatisfied currently. Existing content cache scheme wastes router’s cache capacity due to redundant replica data in CCN routers. The paper presents an intelligent data cache scheme, viz content popularity and user location (CPUL) scheme. It tackles the cache problem of CCN routers for pursuing better hit rate and storage utilization. The proposed CPUL scheme not only considers the location where user sends request but also classifies data into popular and normal content with correspond to different cache policies. Simulation results showed that the CPUL scheme yields the highest cache hit rate and the lowest total size of cache data with compared to the original cache scheme in CCN and the Most Popular Content (MPC) scheme. The CPUL scheme is superior to both compared schemes in terms of around 8% to 13% higher hit rate and around 4% to 16% lower cache size. In addition, the CPUL scheme achieves more than 20% and 10% higher cache utilization when the released cache size increases and the categories of requested data increases, respectively.




Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences. 2019 Dec 26;9(1):44