Does Intelligence Help People Survive in a Foreign Jungle? The Effects of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence on Cross-cultural Adjustment

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Lin, Y.
Chen, A. S.
Song, Y. J.

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of cultural intelligence (CQ) and emotional intelligence (EI) on an individual's adjustment in a different cultural environment. A paper-based survey, with a return rate of 42.1%, was completed by 295 international college students who studied for a degree or were interested in learning Chinese as a second language in Taiwan. The data were analyzed using hierarchical regression to test the effect of CQ on cross-cultural adjustment, and the moderating effect of EI on the relationship between CQ and cross-cultural adjustment. The results showed that CQ had a positive effect on cross-cultural adjustment after controlling for gender, age, previous overseas experience, English ability, and host-country language ability. In addition, we found that EI positively moderated the relationship between CQ and cross-cultural adjustment. The present study demonstrates the importance and utility of CQ and EI in understanding the links relating to cross-cultural adjustment. The results of this study contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of cross-cultural research, and it provides practical implications for individuals seeking to improve their cross-cultural effectiveness.