Factors Related Management Skills of High School Library Directors in the Republic of China

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Li-ling Kuo

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Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies


This study attempted to determine the factors related to the management skills of high school library directors in Taiwan, R.O.C. There were five dimensions of the Level of Management Skills 9LMS), namely, professionalism, communication, library knowledge and skills, administration, and instructional leadership. The sample size was 201 randomly selected high school library directors in Taiwan. Data were collected by mail questionnaire from July to September 1996. Correlation analyses were conducted to examine the relationships between the factors of the library directors' sum of the LMS scores and independent variables. The regression equation was drawn. In the full model of the regression analysis, derived independent variables, "Support, circulation volumes, and the type of school,""Education and effort," and "Continuing professional education activities in library science" explained the greatest amount of unique variance in the dependent variable, the sum of the LMS scores. This study suggested establishing the standards of basic abilities for school library directors, arranging local unions of high school library directors in the country, re-arranging the core courses of the library majors, and emphasizing the role of "instructional consultant" of school library directors.