Design and Evaluation of Technology to Support Information Behavior

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Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU


資訊行為研究由來已久,過去研究聚焦於系統如何影響使用者行為,以及如何能從行為結果反饋,以強化系統功能;隨著典範移轉,資訊行為研究逐漸轉向重視使用者本身認知狀態、社會情境與工作社群等因素,分析其如何影響使用者之行為,因此資訊行為研究的取向及方法根據不同範疇而多元化。「歐洲網路工作資訊研究網」(European Network for Workplace Information)以工作場域中的資訊行為研究為基礎,致力於整合實務與學術研究以了解工作場域中使用者與資訊環境之互動,並予以支援。2015 年會議中,不少研究提出可用於支援工作場域中資訊行為之設計與評估方式,本文將逐一介紹研究內容,並加以比較、論述。
Study of information behavior has been developed for a long time. In the past, researchers focused on how systems influences users’ behavior and how we could improve functionalities of system with users’ feedback. However, information behavior study has been more user‐centered because of the paradigm shift. Researchers began to consider users’ cognition status, social context, and work communities as important factors which influences their information behavior. As a result, the approaches and methodology of information behavior study became diverse. “European Network for Workplace Information” took study of information behavior in workplace as basis, trying to integrate practical observation and academic research to analyze the interaction of users and information environment of workplace. In 2015, there were studies referring to design and evaluation of technology to support information behavior. The author will introduce each of them and make some comparative analysis and discussion.