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本研究基於德勒茲的「差異」與「重複」的理論,建構出後結構藝術表達的哲學圖表以為美育應用。希望強調出藝術必須是基於生命實質內在性意義,其符號的外在表達才能有價值;關心當人作為藝術表達的主體,必須有主體「超越運動」的學習作用,如此才是物質意義昇華為藝術的根本。而這種「運動」能使藝術表達因為主體突破困境的解決問題,而迴響生命現實的共鳴,因而產生一種藝術的力量。因此,這個力量並非憑空的添加之補充物,而是關係著後結構的動性事實如何透過直接藝術語彙表達的議題,即「現實化」的議題。 再者,本研究關注德勒茲觀點中所牽涉到本體論如何掌握差異事物的理想本質之議題,研究者將由此推論當藝術教育上強調尊重差異的原則時,事實上如何堅持與追求生命世界事物理想本質之普同性價值亦是一個相對重要的課題。 主要透過德勒茲《差異與重複》一書之文本研究,本研究將差異與重複理論具體化出三個探索其內涵意義的主軸:「現實化」、「第三方我聯覺與意志」,以及「差異理型的哲學辨證行動」,發現這整個理論系統乃藝術品質追求的核心理論。並且,結合德勒茲另兩部著作《法蘭西斯‧培根:感覺的邏輯》與《普魯斯特與符號》,研究發現此一理論系統在這些文本間的高度一致性,而且,後兩本著作更有助於彰顯差異與重複理論中關於「超越運動」與「藝術表達」兩大概念當中原本隱含之意義可以更清楚地被了解。 總之,本研究結構出藝術符號表達的哲學圖表,可做為判定藝術品質與價值的指導方針。它可做為藝術學習上與問題解決之基本研究工具,以幫助人們辨明AI科技時代藝術定義擴張後美感與創造力意義混淆的亂象,了解藝術符號的表達如何作用而幻化成為不同於物質符號的意義。總結而言,本研究的表達也正像一個基於哲學的藝術圖表之展現,提出關於藝術教育之建議。 藝術的創造價值在於是否能反應出問題需要,並有助於問題解決功用的建議之創造。本研究除了建構了美育應用上的哲學圖表,也具體就一個藝術課程實例分析。最後,本論文建議美育應重視此研究所建構的藝術表達之核心意涵,應培養基於發展人文教育所應重視的各種人才,以下乃五項具體的建議:一、應檢視並重視人類文明中值得珍視與發展的藝術理想的本質行為。二、應重視歷史中各種被關注的藝術議題之詮釋與應用方向。三、應重視人文價值本體論的辨證與差異理型的核心意涵。四、主體超越之生命內在性才是物質能昇華為藝術的根本。五、應重視主體「第三方我」聯覺感受力與持續深化學習的意義。
This essay, which is based on Deleuze’s theory of “difference” and “repetition” establishes the philosophy diagram of post-structural art expression for art education. This essay will emphasize that the value of art needs the immanent meaning of life inside when art is expressed by signs outward; and pay more attention to that when human beings should be seen as the subject of art expression and that the learning function of “transcendent exercise” by subject is the core value of how material can become art. This “athlete” can make art expression have kind of a force which comes from how the subject breaks through the difficulty and problem solving, and resonates life immanence. Therefore, the force isn’t an additional supplementary, it is the issue of “actualisation ” related to how the dynamic real will be expressed through the direct language of art. Moreover, the essay will raise the issue to Deleuze’s aspects of how to catch the ideal essence of difference, which is involved ontology. From the results of the issue, the research will affirm that when respecting the difference of students is an emphasized principle in art education, how to resist and pursue the ideal essence of the universality in life is also a significant issue respectively. Through the research on the text of "Difference and Repetition" mainly, this essay has incarnated the theory of “difference” and “repetition” into three topics for discussing its significance: “actualisation”, “the synesthesia of the third party on me and the will”, and “the philosophical dialectics of different Idea”, and finds that the whole theory system is the core theory for pursuing the quality of art. In addition, combining Deleuze’s other two books— "Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation", and "Proust and Signs", this essay finds the system of theory is highly consistent with each other between these texts. Furthermore, the latter two books are helpful for making the aspects of both “transcendent exercise” and “art expression” more explicit for understanding, which are implicit in the theory of “difference” and “repetition”. Eventually, the essay constructs the philosophy diagram of art expression to be the orientation for judging the quality or value of art. This can be used as a researching tool for art learning and problem solving to help people distinguish the aesthetic and creative meanings when the definition of art is magnifying its extent and so confusing during the AI ages. Also, it can clarify how art signs operate and become different from material signs. All in all, the expression of this research is like performing an art diagram based on philosophy to give suggestions for art education. The creative value of art lies in whether it can correspond to the needs of problem and contribute the creation to suggest for problem solving. In addition to constructing the philosophy diagram for the application in art education, this essay also analyzes an example of an art curriculum.Consequently, the essay advises that art education should seriously concern the core significance of art expression according to this study, and attach the great importance to humanistic education for cultivating various talents. Thus, the following are five recommendations: First, we should inspect what is the ideal essential conducts of art in human civilization and then attach importance to cherishing and developing them. Second, we should pay attention to the orientation associated with how the issues of art in history are interpreted and used. Third, we should pay attention to the vital meaning related to the dialectics of the ontology and Ideas of difference for concerning humanistic value. Fourth, immanence of life coming from the subject's transcendence is the fundamental factors that material can be sublimated into art. Fifth, we should concern how the sensation of the subject functioned by “the third party on me”, and how learning can continue to be deepened.



差異與重複, 德勒茲, 藝術教育, 美感, 圖表, 表達, 現實化, 超越, 聯覺, 第三方我, difference and repetition, Deleuze, art education, aesthetic, diagram, expression, actualisation, trascendence, synesthesia, the third party on me