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本文探討促發Facebook用戶對Facebook原生廣告產生興趣的原因。Facebook原生廣告指:經由Facebook朋友推薦而顯示在個人Facebook動態時報中的廣告,此顯示模式可以降低Facebook用戶對廣告的厭惡感。並以關係緊密度、識別重合、品牌知名度及涉入程度作為衡量變數,關係緊密度為Facebook用戶與推薦原生廣告的朋友之間相互親密的程度、識別重合為Facebook用戶判斷推薦原生廣告的朋友與原生廣告相互特徵的重合程度、品牌知名度為Facebook原生廣告能讓Facebook用戶感知到的品牌知覺、涉入程度為Facebook用戶對Facebook原生廣告所宣傳的產品原先所具備的資訊量,以上述四項衡量構面,透過發放網路問卷,總共獲得有效問卷數量358份。 研究結果顯示,關係緊密度、識別重合、涉入程度皆會正向影響Facebook原生廣告興趣,但品牌知名度實證方向不一致且未具顯著效果。且本研究發現關係緊密度與識別重合、涉入程度與品牌知名度對Facebook原生廣告具有正向交互作用。研究結果的應用將論述管理意涵與未來研究建議。
This paper explores the reasons which make Facebook users interest in Facebook native advertising. Facebook native advertising means that revealed on personal Facebook news feed and promoted by friends. This revealing pattern can attenuate Facebook users’ disgust of advertisement. And there are four constructs: Relationship closeness inventory、Identity fusion、Brand awareness and Product involvement. Relationship closeness inventory means the closeness between Facebook users and the friends who promote native advertising. Identity fusion means a construct that relies on the distinction between the friends and native advertising. Brand awareness means the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product. Product involvement means the level of a Facebook user interest in a certain product type. This paper takes advantage of the four constructs and receives 358 valid online questionnaires. The results conclude that Relationship closeness inventory、Identity fusion and Product involvement have significant positive impact on Facebook native advertising, but Brand awareness doesn’t. And the results show that Relationship closeness inventory and Identity fusion、Product involvement and Brand awareness have significant positive Interaction on Facebook native advertising. Research results will be discussed with the management implications and future research proposals.



Facebook原生廣告, 關係緊密度, 識別重合, 品牌知名度, 涉入程度, Facebook native advertising, Relationship closeness inventory, Identity fusion, Brand awareness, Product involvement