The Process and Leadership for Organizational Change Management: A Comparative Study between General Chang and Green Change based on ADKAR Model

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In this evolving business environment, organizational change has become the standard for firms to maintain their competitiveness. Though, the purposes of organizational change vary in between firms, change that involves environmental issues is getting increasingly important; thus, how a company change and implement green practices requires more understanding. In addition to exploring the process of general organizational change, this research also examined how organizations promote green change and incorporate environmental practices into the company's daily business endeavors. Research shows that leadership is the main driver of successful change. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to identify organizational change forces, leadership challenges, and tactics in the process. This study invited two groups of leaders with experience in promoting green and general organizational change as research participants. In addition, this research also compares the similarities and differences between the two change processes based on the ADKAR model (a tool that helps understand multiple methods when managing changes). This study was conducted through a qualitative research approach, the data was collected using semi-structured interviews and observation. The primary findings are as follows: (1) Social trends, customer requirements, and save energy are the main green change forces. (2) Employees sticking to the status quo, having technical difficulties, and requiring group celebration are the major leadership challenges in promoting green change. (3) Communication is the indispensable leadership tactic in the success of both types of organizational change.



none, green organizational change, general organizational change, forces for change, leadership challenges, leadership tactics, ADKAR model