ISO 10015訓練品質管理系統應用於企業網路化訓練之探討

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為了使企業整體的教育訓練政策皆能充分地與組織策略做結合,並確保遠距學習的教育訓質品質能夠維持一致性,將ISO 10015訓練品質管理系統應用於網路化訓練的導入,為人力資源發展帶來一項新契機。 本研究主要是以ISO 10015訓練品質標準之觀點,針對臺灣已導入網路化訓練之企業,藉由分析、設計、發展、實施及評鑑之步驟進行概況檢視,以歸納企業應用ISO 10015於網路化訓練之概況。研究方法採用質化的多重個案研究法,共選取九家公司進行訪談,並依據研究主題將訪談資料整理與分析,獲得以下發現: 1. 企業導入網路化訓練之動機及目的為組織特性的因素、訓練資源的共享、成本效益的考量、訓練作業的管理及人員面的考量。 2. 企業運用ISO 10015訓練品質系統之動機及目的,組織外部因素包含:政府經費的補助、政策推廣的配合、通過政府的評比、具公信力的認證制度、外部顧客的獲取、外部專家協助的獲取;組織內部因素包含:系統化的訓練架構、組織策略與訓練計畫的結合、組織制度的整合、教育訓練的檢視、高階主管的支持、組織績效的提升。 3. 企業應用ISO 10015於網路化訓練之概況,培訓需求階段包含:組織分析、職能與人員分析、技術分析;設計與規劃培訓階段包含:系統開發、系統設計、課程設計、課程發展、團隊發展;提供培訓階段包含:實施前支援、實施支援、實施後支援、實施限制;評估培訓結果階段包含:訓練評鑑方式、訓練評鑑結果影響;培訓過程的監控與改善包含:過程監控、成效檢討。
In order to fully combine the corporate strategy and training policy, the ISO 10015 training quality management system ensure the quality of distance learning. The purpose of this study is based on the view of ISO 10015 to probe into the enterprises of how they lead-in and operate the WBT. In this study, we interview nine cases to investigate how enterprises lead-in and operate the WBT, by using the five steps of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. After the analysis and discussion, the findings are as following: 1. The motive and purpose of the enterprises lead-in the WBT are the factors for organizational characteristics, sharing of training resources, considerations of cost-effectiveness, training management and personnel needs. 2. The motive and purpose of the enterprises use the ISO 10015 system are external and internal factors. External factors include: acquiring government budget, adapting government policies, passing government's ratings, credibility of the certification system, acquiring customers, acquiring the assistance of experts. Internal factors include: systematic training structure, combining corporate strategy and training plans, integrating organization rules, examining the training plans, supporting by top management, improving performance. 3. This study discussed the current practice of ISO 10015 applying to WBT in business. There are four stages of the training process, and its monitoring, should occur. The stage of defining training needs should include organization analysis, competence and person analysis, technical analysis; the stage of design and plan training should include system development, system design, curriculum design, curriculum development, team development; the stage of providing for training should include pretraining support, training support, end-of-training support defining , finding the training constraints; the stage of evaluate training should include monitoring outcomes and improving the training process.



ISO 10015, 網路化訓練, ISO 10015, Web-Based Training(WBT)