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電腦科技日新月異,動畫技術越顯先進,近年來3D動畫電影席捲全球,各大動畫公司紛紛跟進,手繪2D動畫便逐漸被沒落。然而研究者認為,手繪平面動畫有著更感性的線條表現,是3D動畫無法呈現的另一種視覺感受。本研究以傳統的手繪動畫,結合具中國色彩的水墨技法製作短片動畫。 本創作以傳統民間故事作發想,將耳熟能詳的白賊七故事改編,顛覆過去人們當白賊七是小偷、騙子的想法,將白賊七改造成心中具有正義感的青年。結局依然是白賊七遭村民通緝、下落不明,但另外添加了白賊七助人的背後故事,傳達「看待任何事物時,不能只看表面,要看到事情背後更深的層面,以不同角度去思考」的概念。 水墨動畫創作過程繁瑣且複雜,因此本創作將具動態的圖像與無動態的圖像分別製作,動態部份的圖是利用自來墨水筆繪製,線條較為一致又不失墨筆的感覺。完成所有線稿後,再以電腦繪圖軟體進行著色製成仿水墨的風格,以省下製作時間。然而3D動畫應用趨勢是不可避免,手繪動畫應與3D動畫或其他多媒體作結合才具有更多元的發展,更大的競爭力。而對於傳統文化方面,研究者期望未來能將更多具台灣傳統文化特色的人、事、物,以動畫的方式傳達給下一代,讓傳統文化也能跟隨著科技時代繼續流傳下去。
With the highly developing of computer technology and innovation day by day and advance of animation technology, 3D animation films have become a fad in whole world in recent years; thus, lots of animation companies follow this trend and 2D animation decreases gradually. However, researcher believes that 2D animation has more perceptual lines which 3D animation can't behave. This study combines Chinese ink technique and traditional animation technology to create a short animation. This creation takes traditional folktale, a household story- “the Thief Chi legend”, as the inspiration, redefines the original main idea that everybody regards Thief Chi as a thief and a liar and then changes it into the other version, Thief Chi is a teenager with sense of justice. At the end of story, he is still wanted by the police, but he has disappeared. In addition, the short animation adds the story that Thief Chi helped people, which express the concept “Seeing is not always believing, we must consider the deeper meaning behind the fact, and think from other aspects.” The process of making the Chinese ink animation is very complicated, so this research separates it into two parts: the dynamic and static pictures. The dynamic pictures are made with ink pen; therefore, the lines will remain the original characteristics of handy-stroke. After finishing all the rough drafts, the computer colored drafts in the style of Chinese ink painting for time saving. Nevertheless, the trend of 3D animation is inevitable. To increase various development and competition advantage, 2D animation should combine with 3D animation or other multimedia. As for traditional culture, researcher expects that more traditional culture characteristic of Taiwan will pass down to next generation in the future by animation, and traditional culture can spread along with science and technology.



真相與表象, 傳統民間故事, 平面動畫, 水墨動畫, 電腦繪圖, truth and appearance, traditional folktale, 2D animation, Chinese ink animation, computer graphic.