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AIR SPACE 一直以來堅持台灣設計的女裝品牌,相信在競爭激烈的環境中,可以創造出專屬台灣設計的歐美辣妹風格來滿足顧客需求,AIR SPACE的產品依主品牌(AIR SPACE)及副品牌(AIR SPACE LADY、AIR SPACE PLUS、AIR SPACE SWINNING)分成四大類。其中AIR SPACESWINNING只在夏季推出 (季節商品),讓愛美女性以中低的價格穿出性感的風格,讓目標顧客在不同社交場合都自信美麗,AIR SPACE的銷售通路在台灣地區包含實體門市及線上銷售,海外地區都是線上銷售,整體營業額2020年為8億新台幣,全球發貨中心營運中心在台灣,製造供應鏈主要都在中國。在疫情影響之下,女性線上購買服裝成為新常態,全球女性服裝的市場呈現快速成長的趨勢,因此本營運計畫是針對AIR SPACE如何能成功提升全球市場滲透率及銷售量的營運指引。所以在此計畫書會提出各面向的指引,包含目標客戶的輪廓描繪及釐清、行銷組合在價格上維持中低價位的策略、海外通路以線上為主、品牌定位的釐清以環繞性感風格為主軸,海外市場的通路維持線上通路,依照國家IP來安排進入不同網頁,台灣會進入中文網頁,馬來與新加坡會進入馬來網頁,越南會進入越南網頁,其他區域會被指引進入英文網頁。 AIR SPACE若能依照本營運計畫內容強化推廣海外市場,預估AIR SPACE的海外及台灣市場三年的成長以每年15%複合成長率,預估2024年營業額可達10.7億元新台幣。
AIR SPACE has always adhered to the women's wear brand designed in Taiwan. It is believed that in the fiercely competitive environment, it can create a unique Taiwan-designed European and American hot girl style to meet customer needs. AIR SPACE products based on the main brand (AIR SPACE) and sub-brands ( AIR SPACE LADY, AIR SPACE PLUS, AIR SPACE SWINNING) are divided into four categories. Among them, AIR SPACE SWINNING is only launched in summer (seasonal products), allowing women lovers to wear sexy styles at low and medium prices,and allowing target customers to be confident and beautiful in different social occasions. The sales channel of AIR SPACE includes physical stores and online stores in Taiwan. Oversea markets rely on online sales. The overall turnover in 2020 is 800 million Taiwan dollars. The global shipping center and operation center is in Taiwan, and the manufacturing supply chain is mainly in China.Under the influence of the epidemic, women's online purchase of clothing has become the new normal, and the global women's clothing market is showing a rapid growth trend. Therefore, this operation plan is an operational guideline for how AIR SPACE can successfully increase global market penetration and sales. Therefore, in this plan, various guidelines will be put forward, including the outline description and clarification of target customers, the strategy of maintaining low and medium prices in the marketing portfolio, the focus on overseas channels, and the clarification of brand positioning to articulate the sexy style. As the main axis, the channels in oversea markets maintain online channels. Access to different web pages is arranged according to IPs by nations. Web browsers in Taiwan will be directed to the home page in Chinese, while those in Malay and Singapore will be led to the home page in Malay. Still online shoppers in Vietnam will be presented the home page in Vietnamese, and the web access from other regions will be directed to the home page in English.If AIR SPACE can strengthen the promotion of oversea markets in accordance with the contents of this business plan, it is estimated that the annual sales growth rate of AIR SPACE's overseas and Taiwan markets will reach a 15% CAGR in the following three years. And the turnover in 2024 is expected to reach 1.07 billion NT dollars.



服裝, 全球銷售, 實體門市, 營運計畫, Clothing, Global sales, Physical Stores, Business Plans