Critical Factors to Learners' Motivations in Instructioan Design on WBT


WBT provides flexible tools that across time and distance for organizations, and provides the opportunities to create competitions for their human resource development. From convenience and flexibility viewpoint, WBT does lots of contribution to business. Although technology brings so many benefits to people, there are still some difficulties and limitations there when they are developing a training program based on WBT way. In this study, the researcher has explored critical factors that affect trainees to participate in web-based training (WBT) courses through in-depth interview technique. Besides, the researcher focuses on instructional design aspect because instructional design plays a main role when it comes to developing web-based training due to many previous studies show that learning motivations affecting learning performances a lot; there is apparent relation between these two dimensions. However, organizations neglect this issue though it is important even in WBT environment especially. For this reason, the researcher would like to engage in this topic and figure out the critical factors that affecting learning motivations in WBT. The researcher has developed questionnaires and using in-depth interview technique to find out the critical factors in instructional design aspect. The results of this study were revealed important instructional design factors affecting learners’ motivations, and critical factors in instructional design as well. Furthermore, the difficulties that case companies met during the process of WBT.



Critical factor, Learning motivation, Web-based training (WBT)