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近年來隨著科技產品的推出,人們獲得資訊的方式也跟著改變,原本紙本的資訊,也漸漸轉移到電腦、手機及平板等閱讀工具,進而帶動了電子書的發展。然而不同的閱讀工具,產生了許多不同的電子書格式,因此,國際數位出版論壇(IDPF)制定了EPUB格式的正式標準,以取代舊的開放Open eBook電子書標準。經濟部工業局為了幫助國內業者能快速瞭解EPUB3.0規範內容,與國際同步發展,亦積極推廣使用EPUB格式。 本研究提出了一個在PC或者平板上,結合EPUB電子書的群組編輯系統,因EPUB可以「自動重新編排」內容,也就是文字內容會根據閱讀設備的特性,以最適當的閱讀方式來顯示,所以我們選用EPUB格式的電子書來做研究探討,其使用的技術為XHTML、HTML、PHP、JavaScript等。 本編輯平台的設計可在網頁或者平板上進行操作,能隨時透過線上編輯的方式,多人進行共同編輯,分享資訊及教材內容,並以電子書的瀏覽方式來呈現。本編輯系統可配合校園內師生透過行動載具編輯教材與學習報告,如此一來便可提供一種新的學習管道,讓學習更加有趣。
In recent years, with the technology products promotion, it change the way of acquiring knowledge and information. Originally, we get information from the paper, but now, it has gradually transferred to the computers, mobile phones and flat-panel reading tools, which promote the eBooks development. However, different reading tools resulted in a number of different e-book formats. Therefore, EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), superseding the older Open eBook standard. In order to help the domestic operators can quickly understand the normative content of the EPUB 3.0, and develop at the same pace with the international, the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs also expects to promote EPUB format. This study presents a PC or Tablet, combining the group editing system of the EPUB eBooks. EPUB is designed for reflowable content, it means that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device. That's why we chose the EPUB eBooks. The operation of editing platform is on web page, and it uses XHTML language, HTML language, PHP, JavaScript, etc. We design an editing platform that can be operated on the web page or the tablet. This editing system can be edited online at any time and co-edited by multi users, then browsing through eBook. Teachers and students can use this system through mobile device to edit teaching material and learning experience on campus. In this way, we can provide a new learning channels, making learning more interesting.



EPUB, 電子書, 編輯系統, EPUB, eBook, editing system