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摘要 本研究將STS教學策略融入自然與生活科技課程,並編製模組教材,以探討STS教學策略及傳統教學在國中自然與生活科技課程之「溫度與熱流」單元學習成就之影響。本研究採準實驗設計,使用之研究工具包含下列四種量表:學生自然與生活科技基礎素養量表、「溫度與熱流」單元學習成就量表及STS教學策略A組學後反應量表及STS教學策略B組學後反應量表。以桃園縣立青溪國中三班共108名學生為研究對象,依序分為實驗組A、實驗組B及控制組,實施為期六週,每週一小時,共六小時的實驗教學。 本研究採用次數分配、變異數分析、共變數分析、簡單迴歸分析及描述性統計分析方法來考驗各項研究假設。本研究所獲得結論如下: 一、透過STS教學策略融入自然與生活科技課程「溫度與熱流」單元之學習,學生之學習表現優於傳統教學;STS教學策略中是否加入短時間之實作課程,並不會影響學生學習成就。 二、學習者對於STS教學策略的方式感到滿意。另外,STS教學策略能提昇學習者的學習興趣,議題討論的上課方式能增加學習動機、增加分析問題的能力,並釐清概念,進而提升學習成效。 三、STS教學策略的課程設計,對於學習者的「學習感受」是有明顯差異的;此外STS教學策略課程設計會影響學生的學習興趣。 關鍵字: STS教學策略、自然與生活科技、模組教材
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate the learning effectiveness of the temperature and heat transfer chapter with the STS teaching strategy for the school nature and technology of life curriculums in junior high. Quasi-experimental design was used in this study, and the instruments included pretest and posttest. The posttest included achievement tests and questionnaires. Three groups of students participated in this study for six weeks. The experimental group A and B were taught through the STS teaching strategy, while the control group was taught through the traditional teaching strategy. Three groups were taught with the same topics covered in this study. A pretest was given to the three groups during the beginning of autumn semester 2005. After six weeks, the posttests of the temperature and heat transfer chapter were administered. The posttests included paper-pencil tests and questionnaires to investigate the students' cognitive abilities and the learning opinions. The findings and conclusions of this study were listed as follows: 1.The achievement tests of the temperature and heat transfer chapter in the experimental group A and group B were significantly better than the control group. Besides, the achievement tests of the temperature and heat transfer chapter in the experimental group A and group B was not attain the obvious difference. 2. Learners are satisfied with the teaching tendency of the STS teaching strategy. Besides, the STS teaching strategy could promote the learning interest. Subject Discussing could increase the learning motivation, the ability of the analytical problem and distinguish concept, then promoted the learning effectiveness. The STS module teaching also could promote the ability of analytical problem and understood how to learn by the peers’ cooperation and practical application. 3. It has obvious difference for learners to appreciate the learning feeling from the curricular designs about the STS teaching strategy. And through the curricular designs, it shows that they can affect students’ learning interest. Keywords: The STS teaching strategy, the nature& technology of life, the module teaching materials



STS教學策略, 自然與生活科技, 模組教材, The STS teaching strategy, the nature & technology of life, he module teaching materials