Impact of Students' Creative Self-Efficacy on their Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Role of Innovative School Climate

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In an educational institution, innovation is crucial for its development, achievement of educational goals, and performance. School climate that supports innovation is important for the organization and its members, as it sets the culture and behavioral expectations. An innovative climate is one of the facilitators of individual innovative behavior. And one of the most important antecedents of innovative behavior is creative self-efficacy. In other words, individuals tend to engage in innovative endeavors when they have a belief to perform creatively. This study aims to test whether innovative school climate moderates the relationship between creative self-efficacy and innovative behavior. The final sample of this study consisted of 259 undergraduate and graduate students in Taiwan which was collected via social media and local website. The data were analyzed by hierarchical regression to test the hypotheses' results. The finding of this study presented that when students have a high level of creative self-efficacy, they tend to perform innovatively. Moreover, innovative school climate moderated the relationship between students’ creative self-efficacy and innovative behavior. In other words, when school innovative climate is high, students’ innovative behavior is high than when school innovative climate is low. This demonstrates that when school climate is highly innovative it affects students’ ability to generate, promote and implement new ideas. The theoretical contribution of this study is to build the framework and demonstrate the theory fits with variables. Subsequent researchers should conduct multilevel research in order to get more variance in terms of innovation. The practical contribution is to highlight the importance of an innovative school climate.



None, creative self-efficacy, innovative behavior, innovative school climate