Jean-Jacques Rousseau 幼兒教育思想研究

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本研究旨在以文獻分析法及Gadamer詮釋學,探討Jean-Jacques Rousseau的幼兒教育思想。本研究的目的有四:(1)探析孕育Rousseau幼兒教育思想的社會文化背景及其思想淵源。(2)探討Rousseau之人性觀及幼兒發展階段,以說明Rousseau幼兒教育思想中之幼兒人性與發展之特質。(3)探究Rousseau幼兒教育思想並予評析。(4)綜合研究結果對我國幼兒教育現況提出具體之建議。並且,歸結前述研究結果對未來研究提出建議與方向。本研究的結果有四:(1)Rousseau的幼兒教育思想深受當時的社會與生平閱歷所影響。(2)因為對於幼時的經歷與社會的主流氛圍感到憤慨,因而產生了其不同於時代主流的人性觀,以及其適齡教育的思考。(3)Rousseau認為幼兒是人一生中最接近「自然」的存在,應遵循自然、增加幼兒學習的自由度、提倡感官教育與體育等。(4)Rousseau至今仍有不小的影響力,其幼兒教育思想也涵蓋在我國幼兒教育師資培育的課程中。我國當前的幼兒教育,因幼托整合而導致教學現場人員變得更為複雜,未具幼兒教育教師證照的教保服務人員,在缺乏相關理論學習的情況下,不符幼兒階段的教育過失時有所聞,這也更顯理論學習的重要。從這次的研究結果中可以發現,在現場教學人員的部分,可針對師資培育的部分再進行調整,以輔助現場人員的專業養成。最後,綜觀我國目前在幼兒教育理論的研究,其中尤英語系國家外的研究相對匱乏,仍有再深耕的空間。
The study used document analysis and philosophical hermeneutics to study Jean-Jacques Rousseau's early childhood education thought. The objects of the study included: (1) To understand Rousseau's life so as to know how he form his early childhood education thought. (2) To explore Rousseau's idea of human nature and the stage of child development to explain the nature of children and the developmental characteristics of children in Rousseau's thoughts of child education. (3) To analyze and comment on Rousseau's early childhood education thought. (4) To propose several recommendations based on the findings, considering current situation and development of early childhood education in Taiwan. And, to summarize the findings, and make recommendations to the direction of future research. And the results of the study included: (1) Rousseau formed the early childhood education thought with his personal experience. (2) Due to his childhood experience and social climate, he developed a distinctive concept of human nature and the age-appropriate education from the mainstream of the times. (3) Rousseau believes that young children are the closest to"nature" in a person's life. They should follow nature, increase their freedom of learning, and promote sensory education and sports. (4) Today, Rousseau still has a lot of influence, and his early childhood education thought are included in Taiwan's preschool teacher education curriculum. Because of the integration of kindergartens, the teaching site personnel have become more complicated. The school security service personnel who are not equipped with the certificate of early childhood education teachers are not aware of the lack of relevant theoretical learning. It is more important to learn theory. It can be found from the results of this study that adjustments can be made to the cultivation of teachers to assist the professional development of kindergarten teachers. Finally, in addition to the study of English-speaking countries, the study of early childhood education theory in other countries can be developed in the future.



盧梭, 幼兒教育, 十八世紀, 法國, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, early childhood education, Eighteenth century, France