The Role of Emotional Exhaustion on Salespersons' Job Performance as Moderated by Commensality

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For salesperson, they are under high stress compared to other kinds of career; at the same time, they also stand emotional exhaustion from being turned down by customers repeatedly. It is crucial to figure out what factors in their daily life can help them reduce their fatigue and therefore improve their performance. Therefore, this study examines the relationship between emotional exhaustion, job performance, and the moderating effect of commensality. For fulfilling the research purpose, a questionnaire was designed and employed to collect data. The total number of collected valid samples is 418, and the research used SPSS 23 to conduct data analysis. The result shows that emotional exhaustion truly had negative impact on job performance; however, commensality doesn’t have moderating effect between them. On the other hand, for those individuals who are in the opposite situations with their willingness, the negative relationship between emotional exhaustion and job performance is stronger than those who are in the same situations with their willingness.



none, emotional exhaustion, job performance, commensality, salesperson