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摘要 根據調查報告,2017年全球B2B交易市場規模達到7.6萬億美元,穩定年增長率為15%。臺灣中小企業數量達到147萬家。由於人口老齡化和低生育率,臺灣國內企業將遇到人口紅利減少和人口消失。但是,互聯網可以將世界上所有企業信息相互聯繫起來,促進物流,為世界銷售產品提供管道。因此,國內企業逐漸有思想通過互聯網實施國際貿易做為跨境電子商務。 為何跨境電子商務如此受歡迎?根據從事零售和電子商務的經驗分析其原因,提出了哪些企業適合跨境電子商務的建議,我們將研究臺灣中小企業如何應對工業4.0互聯網帶來的挑戰。 本文研究共五章節,首章為緒論,包含歷史緣起、研究動機目的。第二章是調查電子商務的結構和演變,分析臺灣中小企業面對跨境電子商務時遇到的困難和瓶頸,並根據所有情況了解市場情況。研究數據。第三章是調查跨境電子商務的優勢,我們運用觀察方法研究了臺灣在國際電子商務領域的思想和認識,以及通過摸索電子商務開展實施臺灣中小企業跨境業務的啟發效應。第四章是以絲盾灣公司為例的調查研究方法。第五章是針對臺灣跨境電子商務調查的總結,了解臺灣公司實施跨境電子商務最重要的困難,靈活的組織調整隨時做好準備。 電子商務架構跟演化,並分析臺灣中小企業面臨跨境電子商務困境與瓶頸,並從營運各項究資料解讀市場概況。 最後期許能以電商經歷及實務操作經驗協助臺灣中小企業面臨AI及工業4.0全球浪潮下,能打開新市場的天線加緊學習的步伐,在變化快速的世界全球市場中,找到自己的位子迎接新的時代來臨。
Abstract According to the investigation report, the scale of the global B2B trade market has reached USD7,600 billion in 2017 and the stable annualgrowth rate is 15%. The quantity of the small and medium enterprises of Taiwan has reached 1470 thousand. Due to population aging and low child birth rate, the domestic enterprises will encounter the decrease of demographic dividend and the disappearing of population. However, Internet can connect all enterprises in the world with one another, facilitate the logistics and provide the channels for selling products to the world. Thus, the domestic enterprises gradually have the thinking to implement the international trade or serve as Cross-Border E-Commerce via Internet. Why is the Cross-Border E-Commerce so popular? The author analyzes the reason according to the experience of engaging in retailing and e-commerce to provide the suggestion about which enterprise is appropriate for Cross-Border E-Commerce. We will investigate how the small and medium enterprises of Taiwan face the incoming challenges caused by Industry 4.0 Internet. The first chapter is the introduction, including history, research motivation and research purpose. The second chapter is Noun description and research method The third chapter is to investigate the structure and the evolution of the e-commerce, analyze the difficulties and the bottlenecks of the small and medium enterprises in Taiwan when facing the Cross-Border E-Commerce and understand the situation of the market according to all research data. The fourth chapter is to investigate the advantages of the Cross-Border E-Commerce; we use the observation method to research the thinking and the recognition of Taiwan in the international e-commence field and the inspiration effect of implementing cross-border business of the small and medium enterprises in Taiwan caused by groping the e-commence. The fifth chapter is the survey research method with the silk company as an example. The sixth chapter concludes that the main content of Taiwan's cross-border e-commerce survey. Understand the most important difficulties for Taiwanese companies to implement cross-border e-commerce. Flexible organizational adjustment Finally, I hope that my experience in e-commence and practical implement experience can really help the small and medium enterprises to inspire themselves to better their learning in order to find out their own positions and open the new age in the swiftly changing global market.



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