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人工智能 (AI) 和物聯網 (IoT) 在許多面向改變了社會的最新趨勢技術,不僅是產、官、學界制定的策略性計劃。新冠肺炎的居家隔離、安全社交距離等生活方式,已經催生了全球關切的最大需求公約數 - 環境保護、國際慈善事業、數位化視聽娛樂、在線教育以及日常維生用品供應的智能商務。但諷刺的是,全球工業4.0、智慧城市、提高生產效率以及各種緊急狀況下的生存解決方案,卻也是加速地球成為無法逆轉、逼近生態臨界點以及各國家、種族之間衝突不斷的罪魁禍首。在激烈的氣候變遷,物種滅絕以及病毒侵襲環境下,地球即將成為人類無法居住的星球,亞洲將首當其衝,且問題更嚴重。 本技術論文,是研究員秉持當初報考面試時就設定的目標,以其國內、外音樂產業與國際策展經驗為基礎,創辦「時尚亞洲商務 - 智能化策展平台」(以下簡稱時尚亞洲商務或本案商務);經過GF-EMBA四校教授與業師的聯合課程洗禮,以具備更高的視野及指標技術、藝術結合理念,修整上線。以亞洲為世界中心、本地與國際文化創意並重理念,其特色是以成立高規格科技視覺影音節目製作中心,每年度辦理能號召環保、社會公益主題的演唱會或甄選獎項、並置入智能化MICE機制,進行育才培訓、商務加速器等策展活動,提供註冊會員各種高品質,支持環保、社會公益回饋機制的商品與服務。 本研究案商務以創意思考結合內容行銷的理念,以數位內容行銷方式,透過高指標活動的影音圖文分享,由終端用戶選擇並決定參與、分享各種辦理的高指標活動,同時能在更高指標隱私權維護下,透過智能化管理,取得最喜愛、個性化、優惠或免費的專屬商品與服務,並且由終端會員決定資料存取及分潤對象。本案研究員認為,最具樂趣與值得品味的娛樂生活,應該以最高價值的回饋機制,提供所有參與的個人或品牌。這個價值不僅是利益,而是匯聚支持環保國際慈善公益成員單位或個人、以最高指標藝術與技術資源的商務,建構一個支持產、官、學政策,地球生態永續經營的優質產業鏈。這就是本論文研究、探索的重要使命,願景和目標。
Social and economic inequality manifests in unequal health risks after the global spread of COVID-19 and pandemic potential. The increase in the Home Quarantine Period, Social Distancing, and other lifestyles have spawned the demands of issues and solutions on environmental protection, international charities, digital audio-visual entertainment, online education, and smart business for daily necessities. Artificial Intelligence (AI)& the Internet of Things (IoT), the latest trend-tech making society-changing in many fields, is no longer just a sugar-coated Utopia Plans and stock-savior strategic plan for Industry, Government, and Academia. Ironically, while proposals with various urgent solutions for survival, the concept, and mechanism based on the global Industry 4.0 and SmartCity are the same Prime Culprit pushing the Earth to Tipping Points rapidly, a Severe Climate, Viral Environment, revealed the future extinction of species, a planet unfit for humans forever. The thesis, therefore, presents a mechanism and business experience of the "Runway Clubs Business Platform" (here-in-after referred to as Runway Clubs) founded by the author. Adhering to the goals set at the time of applying for, and after the baptism of the GF-EMBA professors from four Universities and Team-Teaching Professionals, Runway Clubs Business has reshaped with a higher vision, and an insistence on the synergy of arts, culture, and trend-tech. Upholds the idea of local and international cultural creativity, Runway Clubs takes Asia as the concert production center. The exclusive environment-saving products and services market through the annual top-notch concerts and MICE events targeting 1.5 billion registered members. Runway Clubs enables interactions among brands, creative industry workers, and patrons through the analysis of needs, to establish a high-quality industrial chain of sustainable operation, learning, global ecology, and conservation. Inequality is a major barrier in ensuring health and wellbeing, especially for the most vulnerable in society. As a service for registered members to partake in and share the splits of its specified revenue, Runway Clubs advocates profit distribution to allow fashion and environmental protection plans to enter everything in life. It's the purpose of the study, the significance mission, vision, and goal of this thesis would like to explore.



創意思考, 音樂產業, 時尚產業, 品牌商務, MICE(策展), 數位內容行銷, 大數據, 人工智能互聯網商務, 時尚亞洲智能化策展商務, Design Thinking, Music Industry, Fashion Industry, Brands, MICE, Content Marketing, Big Data, AIoT, Runway Clubs Asia