Perceived Abusive Supervision and Counterproductive Work Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Perceived Stress

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Supervisors and their behaviors are the crucial facet of the subordinates’ behaviors and the success of organizations. This study investigated the unappealing side of the leadership and subordinates’ behavioral responds. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between employees’ perceived abusive supervision and counterproductive work behavior by perceived stress as a mediator. This study conducted a quantitative research and online self-reported questionnaires targeting a sample of 356 full-time employees that have direct supervisors. IBM SPSS statistics and AMOS were used to analyze the sample. The result showed that perceived stress served as a partial mediator in the relationship between perceived abusive supervision and organizational counterproductive work behavior (CWB-O), but not perceived abusive supervision and interpersonal counterproductive work behavior (CWB-I). This finding is critical for future reference in organizational management and human resource development.



perceived abusive supervision, perceived stress, counterproductive work behavior, perceived abusive supervision, perceived stress, counterproductive work behavior