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本研究旨在探討學習者於輔助高中美術教學之Facebook平台進行討論時,線上助教(亦為教學者、研究者)可輔以何種帶領策略與課程設計,協助維持並促進社群參與者之間的互動;進一步則延伸觀察在Facebook的功能輔助下,學習者運作相關資源情形與學習成效為何;最終,則藉觀察Facebook輔助美術教學的研究結果,推演此模式的意義價值與日後可能發展。 研究結果顯示,在課程設計面向上,線上助教(亦為教學者、研究者)操作宜採:建立良好師生關係,創造對話討論機會;提供豐富內容,爭取社群成員認同;建立即時溝通管道,開啟不同層級參與;善用平台介面,建立互評規範之四大作法。而在學習成效表現上,本研究屬以學術互動為主軸的社群環境,而學生的自評與互評能力在質量亦有顯著增長。因之,就Facebook輔助美術教學的意義價值上來看,若能維持對參與者的正向鼓勵、社群參與度、課程互動滿意度及個人學習能力之提升,則對群組成員的知識分享與資訊交流是有幫助的,同時,亦可提供日後以Facebook輔助美術教學課程的繼續發展動力。
The study aims to find out what kind of tutoring strategies and lesson design can be used by online tutors (i.e. instructors, researchers) to help maintain as well as encourage interactions among participants in web-based learning communities when they are having discussions on Facebook forum used to aid art instruction in senior high schools. The study further observes how learners utilize related resources and their learning effects with the aid of Facebook. Finally, with the results gained through observation, the study generalizes the significance of this pattern and its possible developments. The results indicate that in the facet of lesson design, online tutors (i.e. instructors, researchers) need to 1) build a good relationship between teachers and students as well as create chances for conversations and discussions; 2) provide abundant information to gain community participants’ recognition; 3) open an instant forum for communication so that different levels of participation can be achieved; 4) use the forum optimally to establish a model for cross-evaluation. In terms of participants’ learning effect and performance, the research aims at creating a community focusing on exchange of academic information, and the students’ abilities to self-evaluate and cross-evaluate have increased significantly both in quality and quantity. Thus, regarding the significance of using Facebook to aid art instruction, if participants can receive positive encouragement, partake in the community, feel satisfied with the interactions, and sharpen their learning abilities, then Facebook is helpful in participants’ information sharing and exchange. Meanwhile, the research can serve to encourage further studies on using Facebook to aid art instruction.



網路學習社群, Facebook, 線上帶領策略, 知識分享, Web-based learning community, Facebook, online tutoring strategy, Knowledge sharing