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Cosplay is a type of performance art, and it can also be regarded as a marketing technique. Many game and animation manufacturers invite showgirls or well-known cosplayers to play the role of the work for promotion. This kind of commercial cosplay especially concern about the authentically mimic of the original character, and the charm of the role. Even the actions of the cosplayer have to be as close as possible. While acting original characters, cosplayers also gain popularity and admiration in the event. The imitation of the original character requires a series of learning and practice, as well as the accumulation of experience. Many cosplayers can only learn techniques through self-study or sharing teaching with relatives and friends.Therefore, this research explore the collection and integration of cosplay-related knowledge and skills, and organize them into a systematic constructed website, so people are able to experience the interests of role-playing step by step. This project first applies questionnaires to obtain opinions about cosplay makeup, styling, charm, action, framing, shooting, and storytelling to determine the level from simple to difficult, and then build up a teaching website based on the previous data. After the website is constructed, questionnaire is applied once again to acquire the effectiveness of the website. It will be used as a reference for further online teaching.



角色扮演, 網站設計, Cosplay, Cosplay, role playing, website design